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Indigenous Peoples of Australia: Tribes

  • Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation - "an Aboriginal owned and operated organisation created to assist Cape York Aboriginal communities to work towards self reliance. Balkanu recognises the need for Aboriginal people to achieve self sufficiency through economic development. Balkanu is a nuts and bolts organisation working closely with Aboriginal Community Councils, community corporations and larger regional bodies"
  • Booroongen Djugun Aboriginal Corporation - a unique health care provider, "facilities are located at Greenhills, via Kempsey, on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia"
  • Gundjehmi Aboriginal Corporation - a web-site of the Mirrar Gundjehmi People on their fight against the uranium mine in Jabiluka
  • Mirimbiak Nations Aboriginal Corporation - "Mirimbiak Nations Aboriginal Corporation was granted Representative Body Status for the state of Victoria On Friday August 16, 1996, the Federal Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Senator Herron, announced that Mirimbiak Nations Aboriginal Corporation was formally granted Representative Body status for the state of Victoria under the Commonwealth's Native Title Act 1993. Staff transferred from the Native Title Unit of the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service to Mirimbiak Nations Aboriginal Corporation. The Mirimbiak Nations Aboriginal Corporation will maintain its duties under the Act to research and co-ordinate native title claims in the state of Victoria"
  • Ngadjonji - web-site about the history and culture of a rainforest tribe in Far North Queensland
  • Nyangatjatjara Aboriginal Corporation - "to promote the aims and ideas, and to develop the commercial infrastructure, of the Aboriginal Community of Central Australia in the vicinity of Ayers Rock"
  • Pirripaayi - a case-study of genocide in Australia
  • Wadeye Aboriginal Community - "Wadeye (pronounced Wad-air) (Port Keats) is a tribal Aboriginal Catholic community situated on the western edge of the Daly River Reserve in the Northern Territory. Flying time is around 50 minutes. During the wet season Wadeye is cut off from the outside world for up to five (5) months"
  • Yarrabah Aboriginal Community - "In 1986 , Yarrabah Community received its Deed Of Grant In Trust land tenure status making the Yarrabah Community Council self governing. Yarrabah Aboriginal Community is situated 37km south of Cairns, Queensland, Australia. The population is approximately 3,000 people. There are many services providers in the community including its own hospital, primary and secondary schools, preschool, library, shops and a museum to name a few"

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