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Indigenous Peoples of Australia: Culture

  • Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre - located 100 km south of Alice Springs (Central Australia) and operated by the Pwerte Marnte Marnte Aboriginal Corporation, a Southern Arrernte Tribal Group - excellent web-site
  • Aboriginal Writers - this site provides access to Aboriginal writers and their literature; loading may take some time because of GIF-files displayed, but check it out anyway, highly recommended
  • Anthropological Research on Aboriginal Australia - this is NOT a web-site by the Indigenous Peoples of Australia, however it provides access to information on them which I couldn't find anywhere else
  • Australian Aborigines - History and Culture Research Project - "1. To increase understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal Culture and Heritage as a source of pride for all Australians. 2. To record Modern Australian History as it impacted on the Eora / Dharawal Tribe. 3. To increase knowledge about Aboriginal Culture and Heritage that will lead to the preservation of rock carvings, cave paintings, middens and skeleton remains etc. 4. Highlight and discuss contemporary indigeneous issues in Australian society. 5. Engage in commercial activities that will lead to training and employment opportunities for Aboriginal people and reduce dependency on welfare"
  • Australian Indigenous Languages - the Internet Guide to Australian languagues - excellent resource
  • House of Aboriginality - "an evolving multimedia project about the so-called 'imitations industry' which has arisen to exploit the popularity of Aboriginal art. The project aims to support the ongoing struggle of Australian Indigenous artists to curb the activities of this sector, especially the unauthorised reproduction of traditional Dreaming designs. By exposing these usually covert activities to analysis and public scrutiny, we hope to raise awareness of the issues of copyright and cultural integrity in the commercial application of indigenous imageries"
  • Kalwun Development - a commercial enterprise, and I don't know what I should think about it. If you have any idea what this site is about, please let me know by mailing to
  • National Aboriginal History and Heritage Council - "a voluntary organisation working for the recognition, respect, preservation and promotion of Aboriginal history and heritage.
    Initially called the Aboriginal History Committee (AHC), the organisation came into being on 12 October 1994, when a small group of students came together to discuss their concern for the fate of a contemporary Aboriginal urban heritage site in Sydney, threatened with demolition by redevelopment plans. The site was the venue of the first national Aboriginal civil rights protest, the "Day of Mourning", held on 26 January 1938"
  • Our Culture - Our Future - "Indigenous Australians are concerned that their culture is currently under threat. In an age of commercialisation, new technology and increased globalisation, Indigenous people are concerned for the ongoing maintenance of the culture. Indigenous people seek better recognition and protection of their Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property. The Our Culture: Our Future Report is the first of its kind to comprehensively map the rights Indigenous Australians want to their cultural heritage and to comprehensively analyse the laws and policies that affect the ability of Indigenous Australians to realise these rights. The Report also lists a range of measures for protecting Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property"
  • Stories of the Dreaming - "a collaboration between Australia's Cultural Network (through the Federal Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts) and the Australian Museum. The stories come from the cultures of Indigenous Australians and have been collected from all over Australia. They reflect an essential part of the life of Indigenous Australians ... Permission to re-tell the 'Stories of the Dreaming' can only be given by the custodian/s of each story, in consultation with their community. That permission has been granted to the Australian Museum, by the relevant custodians and/or communities"
  • Tandanya - the National Aboriginal Cultural Institute; loading takes some time due to lots of graphics, however, highly recommended
  • Tasmanian Aboriginal Historical Services - Manuta Tunapee Pugglugglia - "an independant Tasmanian Aboriginal organisation whose aim is to educate and break down the stereotypes and ignorance which now prevails within both the Tasmanian community and the broader community. In the past people have been denied access to knowledge about Tasmania's diverse Aboriginal culture and history. Our publishing house was created to enable both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people access to Tasmania's Aboriginal history and culture from a non-political perspective"
  • Wirra Mai Aboriginal Culture Tours - "based in Adelaide, South Australia, the home of the Kaurna People, the original people of the Adelaide Plains", the tour guide is well-respected Christine Wilkinson
  • Woomera Aboriginal Corporation - "In 1973, elders from the Lardil Aboriginal people of Mornington Island began one of Australia's special touring companies called "Aborigines Woomera". Groups of traditional songmen and dancers from Mornington Island performed for audiences in mainland Australia. In 1983 the organisation became legally incorporated as Woomera Aboriginal Corporation"

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