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Indigenous Peoples of Australia: Environment

  • Centre for Indigenous Natural and Cultural Resource Management - located at Northern Territory University in Darwin, the Centre "aims to be a national and international focal point for research which meets the needs of indigenous Australians and which facilitates career opportunities for indigenous researchers. CINCRM supports indigenous students and scholars to undertake research in natural and cultural resource management, community development and sustainable development issues affecting indigenous Australians"
  • Irati Wanti - "We are the Aboriginal women Yankunytjatjara, Antikarinya and Kokatha. We know the country. The poison the Government is talking about will poison the land. We say "NO radioactive dump in our ngura - in our country." It's strictly poison we don't want it."
  • Jabiluka Action Group - "We all have an opportunity to act now. Kakadu National Park defines Australia's environmental identity. Australia cannot wait until this threat strikes at the very heart of our environmental future. This development will recklessly contaminate a priceless natural treasure. Mining will not solve the economic problems of Australia, short-term private company profits cannot be measured against values which guarantee our survival. This is not a matter of convenience we have to halt the exploitation of Australia's greatest natural resource. We seek the commitment of all Australian's to protect the future of our lands and in so doing guarantee the heritage of future generations. We ask you to support us and make your opinions known to the Federal government about the proposed Jabiluka mine. Help us maintain our heritage and preserve Kakadu National Park for the enjoyment of all Australian's"
  • Keepers of Lake Eyre - a web-site of the Arabunna People, dedicated to their fight for environmental, social, cultural, and political justice

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