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Indigenous Peoples of Australia: Arts

  • Aboriginal Australia - "As Australia's first publicly listed web company with significant Aboriginal ownership, we aim to become the leading web marketer for Aboriginal art, craft, books, travel, information and cultural items, a one-stop shop for those interested in the world's oldest living cultures"
  • Australian Aboriginal Writers - a web-page which offers access to more than 100 Indigenous Australian writers
  • Buried Country - A Story of Aboriginal Country Music - "This is the extraordinary story of Aboriginal country music, the first and still most popular voice of indigenous Australians - a beautifully written account of the century-old reconciliation of two disparate traditions: black Australia and American country music. It debunks the dominant myth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as exotic and tied to traditional music. The reality is that many are country people, and like rural and working class white Australians, have long found solace and creative expression in this American musical form. Buried Country shows how indigenous Australians have taken this cultural import and made it uniquely their own"
  • DESART - "an ATSIC funded organization initiated and controlled by Aboriginal producer owned art and craft centres in Central Australia. These centres in turn support approximately 3000 Aboriginal artists and craftspeople, most of whom live on remote communities and homelands dotted around the vast area. Prior to incorporation in April 1992 operated as the Central Australian Aboriginal Arts Industry Support Unit. The primary role of the association is to provide industry-specific information, advice and direct practical assistance to Aboriginal art centres in the region and to provide representation for the industry"
  • National Aboriginal and Islander Skills Development Association - "to educate and inform the general public of the history and evolvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture through dance theatre"
  • Maningrida Arts and Culture - "one of Australia's largest community based Aboriginal Arts Co-operatives servicing over 350 artists in north central Arnhem Land. It operates under the auspices of Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation, the region's outstation resource agency"
  • National Indigenous Arts Advocacy Association - "a national Indigenous arts and cultural service and advocacy association which advocates for the continued and increased recognition and protection of the rights of Indigenous artists. NIAAA also provides culturally appropriate advice, information, referrals and support services to Indigenous artists and organisations"
  • Ngaramang Bayumi - "In the language of the original inhabitants of Sydney, the Eora people, ngaramang means music and bayumi means dance. Ngaramang Bayumi was developed by the Powerhouse Museum in collaboration with many other organisations and individuals, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. Staff were guided by the advice of an Aboriginal advisory committee and a Torres Strait Islander advisory committee, and David Page was involved as a consultant from the start"
  • Archie Roach - singer-songwriter extraordinaire!!
  • Songlines - "These paintings represent various aspects of countryside in the central and western desert regions of Australia, and are painted by the Aboriginal people who have inhabited this land for more than forty thousand years. The works show traditional food gathering exploits, as well as being depictions of the travels of creative ancestors who rose out of the earth and shaped the landscape, while establishing the rules for living in the period known as the Dreamtime, or 'Jukurpa.'"
  • Thankakali Aboriginal Cooperation - a gallery in Broken Hill (New South Wales) owned and managed by Indigenous People
  • Yothu Yindi - an excellent web-site on Australia's best known Indigenous band - check this out!

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