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Indigenous Peoples of Australia: Education

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Branch Murri Thusi - of the Queensland State Government, this site offers a variety of educational resources and links to other educational sites
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Network - "This website has been developed to:
    • provide a means for advancing the educational achievement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
    • provide opportunities for all students in Australia to develop an understanding of and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures
    • provide opportunities for teachers, parents, community members and researchers to share ideas, resources, teaching strategies and lesson plans
    • promote reconciliation through education"

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit, University of Queensland - "it provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with academic and personal support before, during and after their time at the University of Queensland and administers the various programs that the Unit has initiated for students. Secondly, the Unit oversees the University of Queensland's Aboriginal Education Strategy"
  • Aboriginal Education Directorate - a web-site by the State Government of Western Australia with excellent resources
  • Aboriginal Education Unit, Charles Sturt University - "primary function is the provision of support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Staff can assist and support prospective students in the areas of: application for admission, funding through ABSTUDY, accommodation enquiries, study skills, careers, academic and personal counselling, tutorials and general support"
  • Aboriginal Studies Association - "for everyone involved or interested in Aboriginal Studies. Aboriginal Studies means both Aboriginal Studies as a subject in its own right and Aboriginal perspectives in all curriculum areas at all levels of education. The Aboriginal Studies Association was formed in 1990, mainly by staff of the Aboriginal Unit of the NSW Department of School Education. Its original main purpose was to support the implementation of the 2 Unit HSC Aboriginal Studies which was introduced into Year 11 in schools in 1991
  • Aboriginal Tertiary Support Unit, La Trobe University, Bendigo - "to provide academic and personal support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who are enrolled in any undergraduate or postgraduate course at La Trobe University, Bendigo"
  • Australian Indigenous Education Conference - 4-7 April 2000, Perth (WA)
  • Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander Studies - AIATSIS is an independent Commonwealth Government statutory authority devoted to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies. It is Australia's premier institution for information about the cultures and lifestyles of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education - "a rapidly growing, innovative tertiary education institution specialising in the provision of nationally recognised and accredited professional and para-professional education and training to Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples, mainly from rural and remote communities in northern Australia"
  • Bushlink - the Education Web of the Katherine Region - located in the Northern Territory, this is a regional educational network providing access to related web-sites and resources
  • Centre for Aboriginal Studies, Curtin University - "to promote increased participation of Aboriginal and Islander people in tertiary studies, to ensure this education is culturally appropriate, and to create new ways of learning and working for the benefit of all people"
  • College of Indigenous Australian Peoples, Southern Cross University - "responsible for Indigenous academic programmes, research and the delivery of support services (Gungil Jindibah Centre) to Indigenous students at Southern Cross University"
  • Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal and Tropical Health - "began operating from July 1997 under Agreement with the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science and Technology (finally signed off in September 1997) and by Agreement between the six Core Partners. Of the six Core Partners, three are organisations engaged primarily in health service delivery. The other three are academic institutions with research expertise. Listed in terms of their percentage involvement in the CRC, measured as a proportion of cash and in-kind input committed from each, the Core Partners are:
    • Menzies School of Health Research - 46.1%
    • Territory Health Services - 27.7%
    • Northern Territory University - 4.9%
    • Flinders University of South Australia - 10.3%
    • Danila Dilba Biluru Butji Binnilutlum Medical Services Aboriginal Corporation -5.5%
    • Central Australian Aboriginal Congress Inc - 5.5%

  • Department of Aboriginal Studies, University of Newcastle
  • Doomadgee State School - "Education has been provided in Doomadgee Community since its inception, in 1975 the Queensland Education Dept officially appointed qualified teachers to work in the expanded mission school, which then became known as DOOMADGEE STATE SCHOOL. Doomadgee State School includes classes from Preschool to Junior Secondary (YR 10). At the present time the school enrolment has 34 pupils in Preschool, 164 pupils in the Primary and 32 students in the Secondary"
  • Faculty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies - located at the Northern Territory University
  • Faculty of Aboriginal and Islander Studies - located at the University of South Australia
    • Aboriginal Research Institute - "to concentrate expertise and high quality research to strategically and progressively advance both theoretical and applied research in the complex and fragmented field that is Indigenous education"
    • Indigenous Online Network - "to provide a one-stop shop for Indigenous Australians and other Australians who wish to know more about indigenous resources in the higher education sector"

  • Federation of Independent Aboriginal Education Providers - "The Federation is based on the fundamental right of indigenous peoples to control their own education. Part of this is a rejection of attempts by agencies and institutions within mainstream non-indigenous education to force its members and programs to conform strictly to educational philosophies and structures for provision which have not been determined as appropriate by Aboriginal communities. This includes the artificial division of education, for administrative and policy purposes, into discrete sectors, such as Adult and Community Education (ACE), VET and Higher Education"
  • Institute of Aboriginal Studies and Research, Macquarie University - "It has a number of roles including the coordination of the Aboriginal Studies Program for mainstream students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels; raising awareness of Indigenous issues within the university and in the wider community; conducting research in Indigenous issues and establishing links with international students and tertiary institutions. It is closely linked with Warawara, the Aboriginal and Islander Programs Unit"
  • Koori Research Centre - >located at Monash University (Melbourne). Keep this in mind: "The term 'Koorie' has become popular in South Eastern Australia to describe people of Australian Aboriginal descent. Please accept our apology if this term offends some Indigenous Australians"
  • Kumbari Ngurpai/Lag Higher Education Centre, University of Southern Queensland - "to assist and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students throughout their tertiary studies. Other functions of the Centre include: teaching, the promotion of Australian Indigenous culture, advocacy, research and consultancy"
  • Kurongkurl Katitjin, School of Indigenous Australian Studies, Edith Cowan University
  • Maningrida Community Education Centre - "a school with about 400 students from Preschool to Secondary age. It is a school with two Bilingual programs in which, apart from English, two Aboriginal languages are taught: Ndjébbana and Burarra. Maningrida is an Aboriginal community situated at the mouth of the Liverpool River on the north coast of Central Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is approximately 360 km east of Darwin by air and 270 km west of Nhulunbuy (Gove)"
  • National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Website - a huge web-site offering access to educational information and resources
  • Nulloo Yumbah, Central Queensland University - "Nulloo Yumbah, Place of Indigenous Learning & Research, is dedicated to the Australian Indigenous peoples' cultures, aspirations and ways of knowledge, teaching and learning. It is a place for growth, challenge and healing"
  • Nungalinya College - "offering accredited courses to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mature aged students. It is ecumenical and run by the Anglican, Catholic and Uniting churches with the Lutheran church in association. Nungalinya, as a matter of justice and responsibility, offers courses that are contextual and respectful of indigenous cultures and languages. Where possible, teachers who are proficient in Aboriginal and Islander languages use them to communicate with students"
  • Oodgeroo Unit, Queensland University of Technology - "the centre of QUT's activities in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education, studies and research. The Unit was established in 1991 and since that time approximately 300 Indigenous students have graduated from QUT. The Oodgeroo Unit has a major responsibility and commitment to developing better access to university education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people so that more have opportunities to participate in the higher levels of education. It also performs a leadership role in the university in the promotion of cultural awareness and social justice for Australia's Indigenous people"
  • Oorala Aboriginal Centre, University of New England - "supports over 200 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students studying both on campus and externally. Oorala not only provides opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to participate in higher education but we are also committed to the empowerment of our students and the wider community"
  • Quarenook - the home of Woolum Bellum Koorie Open Door Education School, Kurnai College
  • Riawunna, Centre for Aboriginal Education - located at the University of Tasmania
  • School of Indigenous Australian Studies (SIAS) - located at the James Cook University of North Queensland in Townsville
  • Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc. - "to promote access and equity for Koories through the development of education programs that are culturally relevant, reinforcing Koorie identity and providing supportive learning environments. It also aims to provide to the wider community an awareness of Koorie cultures and educational aspirations"
  • Yuendumu Community Education Centre

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