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Indigenous Peoples of Australia: Media

  • ABC Indigenous Program Unit - a division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC): "Over the last ten years the Indigenous Program Unit (IPU) of the ABC has established itself as a centre of excellence in the production of indigenous film and television"
  • Aboriginal Radio in Australia - a list of Aboriginal radio stations in Australia
  • Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) - "to promote Aboriginal culture, language, dance, and music while generating economic benefits in the form of training, employment and income generation. CAAMA produces media products that engender pride in Aboriginal culture, and informs and educates the wider community of the richness and diversity of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia"
  • Goolarri Media Enterprise - "fully owned company by the Broome Aboriginal Media Association develops and fosters the growth of Indigenous media in the Kullarri region to assist in the promotion, enhancement and social and cultural development of the region's people"
  • Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues - published by the Oodgeroo (Indigenous) Unit at Queensland University of Technology, the journal "aims to provide information on areas such as education, health, Native Title, reconciliation, land rights and sovereignty, and to contribute to the understanding of Australian Indigenous issues existing both within Australia and throughout the world"
  • Koori Mail - the newspaper of Indigenous Peoples of Australia - check out the other side of daily news
    • INFOKOORI database - a service by the State Library of New South Wales offering access to previous issues of Koori Mail by indexed search

  • Koori Radio (Sydney)
  • Land Rights - a monthly newspaper online, excellent resource
  • National Indigenous Media Association of Australia - "the peak national body that represents Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, communities and organisations that work in the media and communications industry. NIMAA is recognised and support by relevant Federal, State and Territory Governments, their respective departments, statutory authorities and non-government organisations as the national representative organisation for Indigenous media and communications sectors. NIMAA aims to culturally, socially and economically empower Indigenous people through the provision of accessible and cost effective media and communications services and to inform the wider community about the rich cultures, heritage and goals of the Indigenous people of Australia"
  • Waringarri Media 6WR - a radio station in the Northeast Kimberly Region

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