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The Big "C" Report

Last updated: 17 September 2001

        When we go into hospital, we place our faith in medical knowledge, but we feel that we are ignored or mistreated by systems and individuals who certainly do not think that relating to their patients is a primary concern.

        Alain Touraine (2000), Can we live together? Equality and difference. Stanford, CA (Stanford University Press), p. 19

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The following pages offer access to a diary on my diagnosis and treatment with cancer of the esophagus.

Before you read any further check with more than one clinic what your options are. Regarding cancer, the situation is usually complicated, confusing and not very caring at all as far as established health care providers are concerned who are more interested in cash than in care.

After 9 months in the established health cash system with some devastating effects, I recommend Palliative Care Teams to consult before embarking on a strenuous course of "treatment", which may be rather useless in the first place. Check out, for example, the Brisbane Palliative Care Team, a group of people who are helping me through the terminal stages of the disease when others of the health cash system are still asking whether I want another dose of chemotherapy.

As a professional, I have studied health care systems "from the outside", as I have never been admitted to hospital or have never had a serious illness before. I don't know the health care system or hospitals "from the inside". That has changed in the past weeks and will be changing in the months to come.

As a cyberspace support for me, I installed a guestbook facility on all pages to enable friends and colleagues to feed back their thoughts and emotions, greetings and wishes. I followed the advice of a good friend of mine and called this facility "The Healing Circle". All contributions to the Healing Circle have been archived and are made available for the respective months January-March. You can access these pages via the navigation panel which is displayed at the bottom of each page.

The report is split into sections:

If you wish to comment on the issues, please use the "Healing Circle" guestbook, which is accessible via the following links:

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Please accept that I won't be able to respond to comments individually. Thanks for your kind support - Eberhard.

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