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19 - 25 February 2001
Sixth week: combined radio- and chemotherapy

19 February 2001:
I have my little chemo-pump with me again and I feel a little dizzy, but otherwise I feel fine. The chemics seem to work well. Guess, I will have a very good sleep tonight.

I had an interesting conversation with the chemo-doc today, in which he explained that he sees cancer development in the context of environmental degradation and not necessarily in the context of individual human behavior. He embarked on a tour d'horizon about the epidemiology of cancer and I must admit, he turned out to be much more radical than I am by stating, for example, that "we" don't know nothing about the causes of cancer and "we" just hope that the bio-chemical and radiological attacks help eradicating the cancer which "we" have diagnosed.

In the afternoon, I had an appointment with a traditional medicine doctor, which turned out to be rather boring. I know most of the stuff he related to and the two or three "new" items he brought up weren't really new, but I happen to disagree as regards their relevance for me. So, I guess I continue with what I have done the past weeks because it seems that it has been quite successful so far.

20 February 2001:
The hospital day, just like in week 1, when I had to stay for 8 hours in the hospital to receive css-platinum.

This time I felt much better before I went in, and I feel much better now that I'm at home again. Whatever the reasons may be, I feel a little bit dizzy, but that's nothing compared to what I felt 5 weeks ago. I will go to sleep a bit earlier today and I guess I will be up and running tomorrow morning in good shape and spirit. Hey-ho, it's amazing ... and I don't know why, as much as the chemo-doc doesn't know why. It's just happening.

Most of the time today I read in an extremely interesting book by Jonathan Bloom & Sheila Blair (2000), Islam. A thousand years of faith and power. New York (TV Books). It's a great introduction into the history of Islam which teaches people from Europe quite a few lessons in modesty when it comes to claiming "how great the Christian-Judeo history" might be. Having read half of the book, I feel extremely enlightened and I recommend the book to everyone who wants to know more about the history of knowledge, arts, economy, science and religion.

24 February 2001:
The last three days were the most terrible ones of the whole therapy. I suffered from massive nausea. None of the drugs I had been prescribed produced any effects. I simply had to "sleep it away", which I finally did and which has turned out to be pretty successful. This morning is the first time that I don't feel nauseous at all.

Chemotherapy has been finalized and the chemo-doc is happy about the progress so far.

25 February 2001:
Though I don't feel nauseous, I'm still very tired and I sleep a lot. The combined therapy takes its toll, and I simply have to accept that things will get better only slowly.

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