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  • (USA) - "tells the stories of the most innovative grassroots programs in the United States and the local heroes who've found effective ways to build their communities, fix what's broken and make them better. We hope you'll be inspired, and then we hope you'll decide to roll up your sleeves and get involved in your own community, be it in the U.S. or anywhere on Earth"

  • Australian Community Health Association - "aims are to promote, assist and develop community health services and programs; to encourage involvement of consumers and practitioners in developing community health services; and to provide independent policy, advice and exchange of information on community health issues"

  • Center for Community Change - "The Center for Community Change is committed to reducing poverty and rebuilding low income communities. To do this, we help people to develop the skills and resources they need to improve their communities as well as change policies and institutions that adversely affect their lives. We believe that poor people themselves through organizations they control need to lead efforts to eliminate poverty. The heart of our work is helping grassroots leaders build strong organizations that bring people together to become a force for change in their communities. We help organizations build their community's capacity for self-help, develop strong leaders, provide critical services, build homes, develop businesses, give residents a say in their community's future and, perhaps most important, give low income people a sense of hope"

  • Civic Practices Network - Civic Practices Network (CPN) is "a collaborative and nonpartisan project bringing together a diverse array of organizations and perspectives within the new citizenship movement. We share a commitment to bring practical methods for public problem solving into every community and institutional setting in America"

  • Comm-Org - the online conference on community organization and development - highly recommended site with lots of documents and links concerning community organization including syllabi of university courses on the subject; an electronic listserv is also available.

  • International Community Development Society - "founded in 1969, is a professional association for community development practitioners and citizen leaders around the world. CDS members represent a variety of fields: education, health care, social services, government, utilities, economic development practitioners, citizen groups, and more. We are all united in our belief that community is the basic building block of society"

  • Community Health Centers Around the World - "a partnership of Management Sciences for Health and the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC), and funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). In conjunction with the Electronic Resource Center (ERC) of MSH's Family Planning Management Development (FPMD) project, this Web site provides you with resources for learning more about community health around the world. We strive to make the "Community Health Centers Around the World" Web site accessible to people with physical impairments; learning disabilities; and those who have low-bandwidth Internet access, use text-based browsers, or work with older computers. We minimize the use of graphics and photos, provide descriptions of them when they are included, and use a simple layout"

  • Community Psychology Net - "meant to be a resource for educators, professionals, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and others who are interested in learning more about the fascinating field of community psychology, action research, intervention, and prevention. The Community Psychology Net site is full of information including links to discussion lists, professional membership groups, graduate schools, course materials, funding sources, position announcements, social policy information, and various other miscellaneous resources relevant to the field" - excellent web-site

  • Community Tool Box - provided by the University of Kansas, exciting resources, strongly recommended

  • Communities Online Forum - a web-site for people interested in how to use new technologies to organize local political activities; the site is managed from the UK and covers mainly European countries.

  • International Council for Local Environment Initiatives (ICLEI) - "established in 1990 through a partnership of the United Nations Environment Programme, the International Union of Local Authorities (IULA), and the Center for Innovative Diplomacy"

  • Internet resources on community work (United Kingdom) - a meta-site which links to excellent resources, highly recommended

  • Pratt Institute, Center for Community and Environmental Development (USA) - "established in 1963 to create a partnership between Pratt Institute's Department of City and Regional Planning and local organizations that were struggling to address issues of urban deterioration and poverty. PICCED grew out of the Institute's belief that an integral part of its mission as an urban university was to provide community-based organizations in low-income neighborhoods throughout New York City with access to the technical resources of its faculty, staff, and students.
    As the oldest university-based advocacy planning organization in the country, PICCED's mission is to enhance the capacity of low- and moderate-income communities to develop innovative solutions to the physical, social, and economic challenges facing them. PICCED carries out this mission through three interrelated program areas:
    • Technical Assistance (including planning and architectural services)
    • Training and Education
    • Public Policy Analysis and Advocacy"

  • Problems in the Evaluation of Community-Wide Initiatives - a paper written for the Russell Sage Foundation by Robinson G. Hollister and Jennifer Hill who own the copyright for this; the file has been transferred to this server to make it available more easily; again, respect the copyright of the authors!

  • Real Stories. Community Health in Action (Canada) - oral history of community health organization in Canada, an extremely interesting page

  • Society for Community Research and Action (USA) - Division 27 of the American Psychological Association, "founded on the idea that social systems and environmental influences are important foci for enhancing wellness via preventive research and interventions"

  • Web Networks Community - Canada's online home for social change, rich resources

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