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  • Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) - "The intention is to make freely available all the data about BSE. This involves continuously creating web pages. Therefore this site is constantly under construction" - an excellent collection of resources on BSE or "Mad Cow Disease", highly recommended as it is updated almost daily

  • Canada Communicable Disease Report

  • Communicable Diseases Intelligence - a service on communicable diseases provided by the Australian National Centre for Disease Control

  • Communicable Disease & Prevention Control - "provides summaries and sometimes the full text of infectious/communicable disease reports that are available on the Internet and are relevant for the prevention and control of communicable diseases. CDPC also includes sections on current global, regional, and country estimates and projections of HIV infections and AIDS cases"

  • Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre (England)

  • Communicable Disease Epidemiology Unit - located at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

  • Infectious Diseases Society of America - "an organization of physicians, scientists and other health care professionals dedicated to the promotion and recognition of excellence in research, patient care, public health, disease prevention and education in the field of infectious diseases"

  • List of Communicable Diseases - the list provides information on cause, prevention and treatment of communicable diseases and is provided by the New York State Department of Health

  • Emerging Infections Information Network (Yale University)

  • epidemic! - The World of Infectious Diseases - an exhibition by the American Museum of Natural History

  • Epidemiological Fact Sheet - "A list of contagious diseases, their causes, symptoms, and steps that can be taken to avoid contracting and/or spreading the disease. Prepared by the Hawaii Department of Health Communicable Disease Division"

  • Hepatitis-Network - "focuses on the needs of the medical community, providing updates on patient care issues, serology, new clinical papers and news releases, as well as links to many other excellent hepatitis related sites"

  • Infectious Disease Society of America - "an organization of physicians, scientists and other health care professionals dedicated to the promotion and recognition of excellence in research, patient care, public health, disease prevention and education in the field of infectious diseases"

  • Jordan Report 2000: Accelerated Development of Vaccines (USA) - "Since its origins in 1981, The Jordan Report has regularly updated researchers, policy makers and interested constituents on the latest accomplishments and future directions of vaccine research. The Jordan Report 2000 highlights the triumphs of vaccinology during the 20th century and the ways in which new technologies promise better vaccines against both old and new disease-causing organisms"

  • Malaria Diagnosis - Prophylaxis - Treatment - "presented by the Division of Laboratory Medicine at Royal Perth Hospital. It is provided for the information of Medical Practitioners and Laboratory Scientists. It is regularly updated and provides the generally accepted best current practice"

  • Malaria Foundation International - "to facilitate the development and implementation of solutions to the health, economic and social problems caused by malaria"

  • Malaria Network - "expected to be a global network with a focused clientele of malaria control programme managers, Ministry of Health officials, and other health workers with specific responsibilities for implementation of malaria control. It will provide information (both of a technical and managerial nature) relevant for malaria control activities in the field. It will function as a forum for discussion for participating programme managers both among themselves and with technical staff at WHO and other institutions" - a WHO/World Bank collaborative project

  • Outbreak - an on-line information service addressing emerging diseases

  • PATH - "The Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) is an international, non-profit organization. Its mission is to improve health, especially the health of women and children. PATH works in partnership with host-country governments and local agencies to assess health problems and identify and implement creative and effective user-based solutions. PATH programs address a wide variety of topic areas: child and maternal health, reproductive health and family planning, communicable diseases, and financing"

  • Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases Electronic Conference - proposed by the Federation of American Scientists specifically to create a global system of early detection and timely response to disease outbreaks

  • TropNetEurop - "to establish and maintain the European Network on Imported Infectious Disease Surveillance (TropNetEurop), an electronic network of clinical sites related to imported infectious diseases. The network is designed to effectively detect emerging infections of potential regional, national or global impact at their point of entry into the domestic population. Sentinel Surveillance reporting is carried out by participating sites by use of a standardised and computerised reporting system"

  • Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (Australia) - "Victoria's largest public health reference laboratory. Considerable expertise in the laboratory science of infectious diseases and public health are concentrated in this laboratory complex, together with specialist facilities and valuable reference collections of clinical material, reagents and epidemiological records"

  • WHO-EURO, Communicable Diseases and Immunization Program

  • WHO-PAHO, Communicable Diseases Program

  • WHO-Program on: Emerging and other Communicable Diseases Surveillance and Control (EMC)

  • WHO - Stop TB Initiative

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