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Cities - I lived in

Last updated:  15 December 2000

  • Berlin - the capital of Germany (but not at the times when I lived there in the 1970s), it gets restructured, it's as if the current government has the will to finalize what other megalomaniacs had planned. Here's a great web-site which offers some remarkable images of Berlin: Virtual Berlin
  • Copenhagen - in Denmark, beautiful, sometimes chaotic, but almost always just human
  • Einbeck - a small town in Germany (Lower Saxony) in which I lived from 1964-1968 and where I graduated from high school; funny to meet them on the Net after 30 years - everything's in German
  • Freiburg i. Br. - South-western German city (close to the border to France and Switzerland), where I lived for 3 three years, great quality of life
  • Göttingen - an old University city in Lower Saxony with lots of traditions and high-class research and teaching facilities
  • Goslar - a city in Germany (Lower Saxony) where I lived from age 6-8
  • Heidelberg - was a nice city before City Council decided to prepare it for international "fast-trip" tourism - they call it progress, don't they
  • Innsbruck - a city in Tyrolia (Austria) - I don't like it but no more comments
  • Köln (Cologne) - great German city (North-Rhine-Westphalia), only second to Berlin, I spent 10 years in Cologne and I wouldn't want to miss one second, in German only
  • Konstanz - South-Western city in Germany close to the border to Switzerland, in German only
  • Krefeld - another city (North-Rhine-Westphalia) where I lived from age 8-10, everything's in German
  • Kreuzlingen - a small Swiss town across the border of Konstanz
  • Manila - the capital of the Philippines, an exciting place, weird, chaotic, lovable, strange, frightening, beautiful, funny, monstrous - it's all here; I actually lived in Makati, one of the cities forming Metro Manila; check out Makati City Council's homepage
  • Stuttgart - yet another city where I lived from age 10-14, everything's in German

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