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Last updated:  12 June 2001

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I lived in the Philippines from 1992-1995, more precisely I lived in Manila. Coming from Europe, Manila was pretty strange in the first 6 odd months. I really had no idea what was going on. Slowly I learned to understand the social and cultural mechanisms being in place and meanwhile I sometimes feel like a half-Filipino, particularly since living in Australia. You want to know what that means? Find out yourself by living in the Philippines, the country which comes closest to what I would call home.

I have to thank some outstanding Filipinas who helped me to understand and sometimes even fit into the Filipino way of life (not what you may think, no): Remy, Mary-Ann and Lourdes. Great women!

Salamat po!

I even ended up with having my own nick-name which is BeeGee (nick-names are a speciality of the people in the Philippines, who knows why?). And it's up to you to find out what it stands for.

Well, some of the links you find on this site may be broken. This doesn't mean that they're not functioning but only that they may not be available at this particular point in time. Please, be patient with our brothers and sisters in the Philippines, as they're working hard to establish good quality electronic communication links while the so-called developed countries don't provide them with the high quality technology they reserve for themselves. - If you disagree with this assessment, just let me know.

  • Universities and Research - links to universities in the Philippines and research institutes working on the Philippines

  • Government - links to national, regional, and local governmental agencies

  • Media - links to bookshops, newspapers and journals I find interesting, this list is certainly not exhausting as it reflects my personal preferences

  • Social development - links to (non-governmental) organizations active in social, political, environmental and economic development projects in the Philippines

  • Culture, History and Travel - links to cultural, historical and tourist information about the Philippines, though I have selected only those I find interesting

  • WWW-Indices - links to meta-sites on the Philippines providing broad information about the country

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