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  • Second International Interdisciplinary Conference on Women and Health, 12-14 July 1999, Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

  • Archives for Research on Women and Gender (USA) - "initiated by the Center for the Study of Women and Gender at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). The ARWG project specializes in acquiring, preserving, arranging, describing, and providing access to primary source materials that document the lives of women, constructions of gender, and expressions of sexual identity in South Texas"

  • Avon's Breastcancer Awareness Crusade - "Founded in October 1993, the Crusade's mission is to provide women across this country [i.e. USA], particularly those who are medically underserved, with access to a full range of breast cancer education and early detection screening services."

  • body (i)con: fear and loathing the mirror - "Icons of Beauty are conning the American woman into a costly, dangerous and futile pursuit: the perfect body"

  • Canadian Women's Health Network

  • CDC-Office of Women's Health (USA)

  • Empowering Widows In Development - "a small UK based, nonprofit, non-governmental organization founded in 1996. It aims to: (a) raise awareness and understanding of the problems encountered by widows in developing countries; (b) promote the status of widows' rights on the international human rights agenda; (c) assist developing country organizations which support widows in fighting for their rights"

  • European Institute of Women's Health - the site is in its early stages of development, it currently provides information on European research on cancer (the CanCom Project), ageing, i.e. a review of the health status of mid-life and older women, and a newsletter

  • Feminist Theory Website - "provides research materials and information for students, activists, and scholars interested in women's conditions and struggles around the world. The goals of this website are: 1) to encourage a wide range of research into feminist theory, and 2) to encourage dialogue between women (and men) from different countries around the world. Hopefully, this will result in new connections, new ideas, and new information about feminist theory and women's movements. The Feminist Theory Website has three parts: 1) various fields within feminist theory; 2) different national / ethnic feminisms; and 3) individual feminists. All of these parts are updated and expanded regularly"

  • Health Concerns Across a Woman's Lifespan (UK) - The Commonwealth Fund 1998 Survey of Women's Health - provides access to the entire report

  • Institute for Women's Policy Research (USA) - an independent, non-profit, scientific research organization incorporated in the District of Columbia, established in 1987 to rectify the limited availability of policy relevant research on women's lives and to inform and stimulate debate on issues of critical importance for women

  • International Center for Research on Women - "a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting social and economic development with women's full participation. ICRW generates quality, empirical information and technical assistance on women's productive and reproductive roles, their status in the family, their leadership in society, and their management of environmental resources. ICRW advocates with governments and multilateral agencies, convenes experts in formal and informal forums, and engages in an active publications and information program to advance women's rights and opportunities. ICRW was founded in 1976 and focuses principally on women in developing and transition countries"

  • International Labor Organization (ILO) - Women and Gender Issues in the World of Work - "The Office of the Special Adviser on Women Workers' Questions is responsible for the promotion and coordination of ILO policies, strategies, programmes and activities concerning equality for women in employment throughout the Office"

  • International Women's Health Coalition - "a nonprofit organization based in New York City that works with individuals and groups in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to promote women's reproductive and sexual health and rights. We provide technical, managerial, moral and financial support to reproductive health service providers, advocacy groups and women's organizations in Southern countries. We publish books and position papers, and maintain a global communications network of 6,000 individuals and organizations in 143 countries. We convene meetings on new or neglected aspects of women's sexual and reproductive health, and act directly to influence the work of population and health professionals, national governments, and international agencies, including donors"

  • Internet Resources for Women

  • JAMA Women's Health Information Center (USA) - "designed as a resource for physicians and other health professionals. The site is produced and maintained by JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) editors and staff under the direction of an editorial review board of leading Women's Health authorities"

  • Lesbian Health Foundation (USA) - "to increase awareness and understanding of the special health needs of lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered women among policy makers, health care professionals, researchers, and the public"
  • McMaster Research Centre for the Promotion of Women's Health (Canada)

  • Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health - the museum as a whole will show the historical development of the relationship between medicine and women for as many of the cultures of the world as possible, in addition to a history of menstruation"

  • National Action Plan on Breast Cancer (USA) - this site provides rich resources on breast cancer

  • National Breast Cancer Centre (Australia)

  • National Women's Health Resource Center (USA) - a not-for-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., the national clearinghouse for women's health information

  • Power Surge - women's health and menopause, heavily filled with graphics, thus loading may take a while, it's a great site though

  • United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (INSTRAW) - "the only United Nations institute with the mandate for research and training on the advancement of women. The creation of INSTRAW as an autonomous institute within the framework of the United Nations, was recommended by the World Conference of the International Women's Year, held in Mexico City, Mexico, in 1975 and established by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) resolution 1998 (LX) of 12 May 1976. INSTRAW's objectives are: To stimulate and assist, through research, training and the collection and dissemination of information, the advancement of women and making women's contribution to development more visible. To assist the efforts of inter-governmental, governmental and non-governmental organizations in this regard"

  • VOICES IN ACTION - an international organization to provide assistance to victims of incest and child sexual abuse in becoming survivors and to generate public awareness of the prevalence of incest

  • WAVE (Women Against Violence Europe) - "the European network of non-governmental women's organisations working to combat violence against women and children"

  • WHO Women and Development Program - "Women's Health and Development (WHD) is committed to the integration of gender and human rights perspectives into health research, policies and programmes. Firmly grounded in this perspective, WHD is addressing two neglected women's health issues, violence against women and female genital mutilation. WHD responds to both women's practical health needs and their strategic gender interests"

  • Women and Heart Disease - "An Atlas of Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Mortality was developed by the Office for Social Environment and Health Research at West Virginia University* and the Cardiovascular Health Branch at CDC to provide critical data on geographic, racial, and ethnic inequalities in women’s heart disease death rates for the five major racial and ethnic groups. The Atlas includes more than 200 national and state maps of heart disease mortality. The maps in the Atlas highlight the geographic, racial, and ethnic inequalities in heart disease mortality among women and provide government agencies and their partners at the local, state, and national levels with information to tailor heart-healthy programs and policies to the communities of women with the greatest burden of heart disease"

  • Womankind Worldwide - "a forward looking development agency which supports women from the developing world in their fight against poverty, sexual or political oppression"

  • Women's Health Action and Mobilization (WHAM) [USA] - a direct action group committed to demanding, securing and defending absolute reproductive freedom and quality health care for all women.

  • Women's Health Alliance - "a new membership organization dedicated to giving all women reliable, up-to-date health information. Our Mission: to promote better health and well-being for all women by providing our members with the kind of balanced, reliable information they need to make informed health decisions"

  • Women's Health Australia - a longitudinal study on women's health in Australia, currently undertaken

  • Women's Health Interactive - "an interactive learning environment that facilitates exchange of information among all participants; promotes learning; and motivates individual proactive response"

  • Women's Human Rights Net - "a collaborative Information & Communication Technology (ICT) project developed by an international coalition of women's organizations. whrNET aims to strengthen advocacy for women's human rights through the effective utilization of information and communication technologies. The sponsoring organizations are part of a global movement for women's human rights that has grown steadily since the World Conference of Human Rights (Vienna, 1993) and the Fourth World Conference on Women (Beijing, 1995). whrNET is jointly sponsored and supported by its partner organizations and is governed by an elected International Executive Committee"

  • WomenWatch - "the UN Internet Gateway on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women"

  • WWW Virtual Library: Women's Studies

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