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  • Alternative Medicine Foundation - "to provide: evidence-based research resources for health care professionals, responsible and reliable information for patients and consumers about alternatives to conventional western biomedicine"

  • Alternative Medicine Homepage (USA) - " a jumpstation for sources of information on unconventional, unorthodox, unproven, or alternative, complementary, innovative, integrative therapies"

  • Australian Whole Health Home Page - "the complete Internet resource for whole person health information in Australia"

  • Folk Medicine at UCLA - "data from scientific journals, popular magazines, newspapers, and historical sources (diaries, travel accounts, treatises on plants and animals) over the past 200 years. More than 3,200 published works served as sources for archive holdings. Other materials derive from field collections in archives at UCLA, Detroit University, Pan American University, Berkeley, Sacramento State, and the University of Oregon. While most of the information concerns ethnic and regional groups in the U.S., there is also data from Europe, Latin America, and parts of Africa and Asia"

  • Healing Center (USA) - a comprehensive web-site offering access to alternative and indigenous ways of healing - very interesting resources

  • Institute for Traditional Medicine (Portland, Oregon) - The Institute for Traditional Medicine (ITM) provides education, conducts research, and offers therapeutic programs with a focus on natural healing techniques, such as herbal formulas, acupuncture, massage, diet, nutrition, and general health care.

  • National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (USA) - "The Congressional mandate establishing the NCCAM (in 1998) stated that the Center's purpose is to "facilitate the evaluation of alternative medical treatment modalities" to determine their effectiveness. The mandate also provides for a public information clearinghouse and a research training program. The NCCAM does not serve as a referral agency for various alternative medical treatments or individual practitioners. The NCCAM facilitates and conducts research"

  • Open University of Alternative Medicines - located in Calcutta (India); Charter of Council of Alternative Systems of Medicines establised in 1985 to promote and develop alternative medicines and popularize the concept of holistic health and healing, the Council is the largest and renowned organisation of its kind in the world. Incorporated with the Act XXVI of 1961 of Government of West Bengal, recognised by Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal, accepted by Indian Medical Council, Government of India

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