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  • Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse - Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse a non-profit organization working to minimize the harm associated with the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

  • Tobacco Control Archives - "Sponsored by UCSF Library & Center for Knowledge Management, Department of Archives & Special Collections, the Tobacco Control Archives (TCA) is a central, organized source of information. TCA's purpose is to collect, preserve, and provide access to papers, unpublished documents and electronic resources relevant to tobacco control issues primarily in California"

  • The Tobacco Control Super Site- this site is provided by Simon Chapman, it contains a lot of information on tobacco-related public health issues and is certainly one of the best resources on the WWW.

  • WHO Tobacco Free Initiative - web-site of WHO's Tobacco or Health Program

  • WHO Tobacco or Health - a global status report: country files

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