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  • Canadian Coalition for Agricultural Safety and Rural Health - "to address problems of illness, injuries and accidental death in farmers, their families and agricultural workers. Since then, its mission has been to improve the health and safety conditions of those that live, and or, work on Canadian farms"

  • Center for International and Rural Health, University of Iowa (USA) - CIREH encourages interdisciplinary research into the causes, consequences and prevention of communicable, chronic, environmental and occupational diseases in countries with substantial agrarian economies

  • Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis (USA) - "focuses on rural health care financing/system reform, rural systems building, and meeting the health care needs of special rural populations. Specific objectives include: conducting original research and independent policy analysis that provides policy makers and others with a more complete understanding of the implications of health policy initiatives, and disseminating policy analysis that assures policy makers will consider the needs of rural health care delivery systems in the design and implementation of health policy"

  • Charles Sturt University, Gilmour Centre for Rural Health (Australia) - "committed to improving the health and access to health care of rural and remote populations. Our vision comprises the development of partnerships between the University, the health industry and the community; each working together to improve the health and well-being of rural and remote consumers"

  • Farm Safety and Health Information Clearinghouse - provided by the University of Minnesota (USA)

  • Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (USA)

  • Health Canada: Rural Health - the Government's web-site on rural health offering access to documents and resources on programs

  • Institute of Rural Health (UK) - "Good health is one of the essential ingredients of rural life. Health represents a much more broader vision than the traditional concept of the diagnosis and treatment of illness. Modern health care involves working in partnership within the health, social care and voluntary sectors. The Institute of Rural Health was established in 1997 to address this broader definition of health in the rural context. The Institute works with individuals and communities, academic bodies and organisations involved in service delivery. The IRH aims to promote health and well being across rural Britain and to ensure that rural communities receive the highest quality health care possible"

  • Interdisciplinary Training for Health Care for Rural Areas Project - "With the underlying philosophical premise that interdisciplinary training is not only desirable but essential to quality rural health care practice, the mission of the three-year, federally funded ITHCRA Project is to increase the capacity of the State of Maine to improve access, quality and delivery of rural health care through multi-level, innovative inter- disciplinary team and health informatics (e.g. communication and informatics technology) education and training activity"

  • International Association of Agricultural Medicine and Rural Health - non-governmental international professional organization with official status as a NGO with the World Health Organization

  • Irish Institute of Rural Health

  • National Centre for Rural Health (Aotearoa / New Zealand)

  • National Rural Health Alliance (Australia) - "the peak national body working to improve the health of Australians living in rural and remote areas. The NRHA is comprised of nineteen Member Bodies, each of which is a national organisation in its own right. The nineteen represent both the consumers of health services and the health professionals providing service to non-metropolitan areas"

  • National Rural Health Association (USA)

  • National Rural Health Network (Australia) - "The National Rural Health Network was founded in September 1995 by students who attended the Kalgoorlie National Rural Undergraduate Medical Conference. It was realised how productive it was to share ideas with students from neighbouring states which had similar goals and interests with regard to Australian rural health care. Hence the NRHN was established"

  • National Rural Health Resource Center (USA) - "a national clearinghouse of information on rural networks, community development, managed care, critical access hospitals and economic impact. We house a library of information and materials on each of these subjects, and can provide referrals to potential funding sources and related health models and demonstration projects"

  • Rural Aging - a web-site offered by the National Aging Information Center (USA) and providing access to national and international research data, reports, documents, and links to further web-sites

  • RuralPsych-Resource Center for Rural Behavioral Health (USA) - a web-site by the American Psychological Association

  • Rural Health Education Foundation (Australia) - "a not-for-profit charitable organisation delivering live interactive television education to rural and remote health professionals. Our programs are delivered fortnightly to our network of over 450 satellite receiving sites across the nation"

  • Rural Health Education Network of Delaware, Otsego, Montgomery, and Schoharie Counties (USA) - "The Network will focus on strengthening health education to the community through integration and coordination of programs offered by Network members. Through collaborations, the unique strengths of each member organization will be maximized toward improving health of the community. Members of the Network will work to identify health education needs; to catalog resources and expertise within the four county area; to match needs with Network strengths and resources; to formulate and execute locally appropriate plans to meet needs; and to monitor the effectiveness of the program"

  • Rural Health Network (USA) - a group of medical students who organized in 1994 to provide a central information source for students interested in rural health care

  • Rural Health Research at the University of British Columbia (Canada)

  • Rural Health Resources (USA) - provided by the Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

  • Rural Information Center Health Service (USA) - "a joint project of the Office of Rural Health Policy, Department of Health and Human Services, and the National Agricultural Library (NAL), United States Department of Agriculture. Operating as part of NAL's Rural Information Center (RIC), RICHS collects and disseminates information on rural health issues"

  • Rural Sociological Society (USA) - "promote the study of rural life through research, extension and education; for the purpose of confronting problems, answering questions, increasing opportunities and thereby, improving the quality of life in rural areas"

  • School of Rural Public Health (USA) - located with the Texas A & M University System, Health Science Center

  • Strategic Alliance for Rural, Northern and Remote Health Research (Canada) - "a network of practitioners, residents, policy makers, activists and researchers dedicated to making a difference in health status for populations living in rural, northern or remote locales in Canada. The Alliance was formed during a national health summit held in Prince George, B.C. in October 1999"

  • University of Tasmania, Department of Rural Health (Australia)

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