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  • Australian Mental Health Policies - this excellent service is provided by the Australian Transcultural Mental Health Network
  • Autism Online - an excellent meta-site provided by a father of an autistic child
  • The Clifford Beers Foundation - Mental health promotion and prevention
  • International Society for Mental Health - "formed in 1997 to promote the understanding, use and development of online communication, information and technology for the international mental health community"

  • MentalHealth.Com - a comprehensive resource on mental health, provided by Phillip W. Long M.D.
  • Mental Health Matters - "User-friendly, mental health information services for everyone with an interest in mental health, mental illness, psychology, psychiatric disorders, emotional well-being and personal growth"

  • Mental Health Net - claims to provide more than 6.000 links to mental health sites
  • Mental Health Organization Finder - information on over 1600 mental health organizations worldwide compiled by Myron Pulier, MD
  • Mental Illness Activist Home Page - "Gathering and disseminating information on mental illness activism", this is an excellent resource
  • Primary Prevention Mental Health Programs for Children and Adolescents: A Meta-Analytic Review - a report provided by Joseph A. Durlak & Anne M. Wells (Loyola University Chicago)
  • PsychScapes - rich resources on mental health workshops, conferences, self-help, therapies, etc.
  • Sleep Paralysis Page - "we describe many of the features of sleep paralysis and associated experiences. The material below has been gathered from many sources, but much of it from our own research into the sleep paralysis experience. As data is collected we update the information provided at this site"
  • Stress management - a very comprehensive site on the issue with a focus on Great Britain
  • TAPIR - the Anxiety Panic Internet Resource, "a grass roots project involving thousands of people interested in anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, phobias, shyness, generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behavior and post traumatic stress. TAPIR is a self-help network dedicated to the overcoming and cure of overwhelming anxiety"
  • WHO Program on Mental Health

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