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  • American International Health Alliance - "operates under a cooperative agreement with the Agency for International Development (USAID) - the US government agency that finances programs and projects that promote broad-based, sustainable economic growth worldwide. AIHA establishes and manages partnerships between health care institutions in the United States and their counterparts in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the New Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union. AIHA also sponsors a number of supportive and collaborative activities, including conferences and a clearinghouse of information concerning health care in CEE/NIS. Established by major health care provider associations and health professions education organizations, AIHA is the US health care sector's most coordinated response to health care issues in CEE/NIS"

  • American International Health Council - "a professional non-profit medical organization guided by a prestigious and international Board of Advisors of more than 50 medical deans, professors, and researchers. The AIHC disseminates and promotes advanced medical knowledge and procedures in developing countries"

  • Canadian Society for International Health - "links individuals and organizations from all health sectors and all health and related professions. Society members include physicians, nurses, managers, therapists, nutritionists, social and laboratory scientists, and other professionals in fields related to international health. Members are affiliated with federal, provincial and local governments, private business, universities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international agencies, and all levels of health service in Canada. They form a network that stretches across Canada and around the world"

  • Center for International Health Information (USA) - "serves under contract as a health data reference bureau for the Population, Health and Nutrition Center (PHNC) of USAID's Global Bureau"

  • Centre for International Health, McMaster University (Canada)

  • Centre for International Health, University of Bergen (Norway) - "an interdisciplinary and interfacultary institution, dedicated to initialise, co-ordinate and undertake health related research and educational activities of special importance for the UoB's co-operation with Third World countries. Since its foundation in 1988 by the faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Psychology, CIH has been expanding rapidly. The CIH is administered under the Faculty of Medicine and focuses its activities on important health problems in developing countries"

  • Communication Initiative - "to enhance impact of communication interventions on development", several organizations have formed this international non-governmental initiative which covers a wide range of topics including public health and development

  • Demographic and Health Surveys - The Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) program is one of the world's largest primary sources of information on women, men and their families in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Funded primarily by USAID, DHS has been collaborating with developing country institutions since 1984 in conducting national surveys on fertility, family planning, maternal and child health and household living conditions. The DHS program is implemented by Macro International Inc. in Calverton, Maryland.

  • Equity in Health - "provided by the International Health Program of the Department of Health Services at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine in the University of Washington, Seattle, USA and Health Alliance International, Seattle, USA"

  • François-Xavier Bagnoud Health and Human Rights Advocacy (USA) - located at Harvard University, providing excellent resources on public health and human rights

  • Global Directory of Health Information Resource Centers (HIRCs) - "a charitable, non-profit, non-denominational research project aimed at documenting and developing the capacity of health information resource centers throughout the world"

  • Global Health Council - "a US-based, non-profit membership organization that was created 27 years ago to identify priority health problems and to report on them to the US public, Congress, international and domestic government agencies, academic institutions, and the global health community. The Global Health Council/NCIH network includes hundreds of private and public organizations as well as several thousand professionals based in and outside of the US"

  • Helen Keller International - "works to assist organizations and institutions in countries where the need is great to protect the eyesight of children within their borders and provide quality eye care to their people. The great strides these countries make in the successful development of programs to prevent blindness and restore sight confirm the worth of helping them to incorporate eye care into their national health systems. As we approach the coming millenium, we are committed as ever to battling the injustices of unnecessary blindness, inadequate eyecare, and the social and economic marginalization of the irreversibly blind"

  • Institute of International Health - Michigan State University (USA) - "to marshal university resources to address problems of world health and to serve as a center for information on world health issues. The IIH is a focal point at MSU for facilitating faculty and student research and academic interests in international health and for international health projects overseas. The IIH works with the health-related colleges, as well as with social and agricultural scientists, nutritionists, and a variety of interdisciplinary units, to foster and coordinate research, education, and development at the international level"

  • International Clearinghouse of Health System Reform Initiatives - it's supported by WHO and it's based in Mexico; interesting documents, though

  • International Health Programs (USA) - "International Health Programs (IHP) has provided training, research and technical assistance to health care delivery and training organizations throughout the world for the past two and a half decades"

  • International Institute for Health Promotion (USA) - "represents a growing network of leading institutions in health promotion from all over the world. In formulating the concepts for the IIHP, the intention was not to create another traditional professional association with a complex governing structure, and thus duplicating efforts by other renowned organizations. This approach was validated by the delegates at the Inaugural Meeting as they stressed the need for regular communication and to deepen personal relationships by meeting face-to-face.
    This way joint ventures will bring forth an improved efficiency and higher success rate. In spite of the major cultural differences between countries, many similar health issues and common problems were clearly defined.
    While being sensitive to cultural considerations international standards in training, research, and program development should be developed. In addition, the systematic monitoring of health trends and risk factors on a global basis and making these data available to the world will lead to natural partnerships in certain areas and enable many institutions to enlist support both within their respective countries as well as internationally"

  • Research Centre for Transcultural Studies in Health - "Transcultural Studies in Health is the study and research of cultural diversities and similarities in health and illness in order to understand current knowledge and contribute to its future development in a culturally responsive way. As such, Transcultural Studies in Health comprises of a body of knowledge and a framework for the delivery of education for healthcare professionals"

  • tropEDeurop - "a partnership for education and training on International Health between institutions of the north and south. tropEDeurop is the educational branch of TROPMEDEUROP - which is the Association of the Institutes and Schools of Tropical Medicine in Europe"

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