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  • Australian Health Promoting Schools Association

  • Comprehensive School Health (USA) - a resourceful site providing access to adolescent health and school health resources

  • Comprehensive School Health, Canada - the Canadians seem to prefer the term 'comprehensive school health'

  • European Network of Health Promoting Schools - a WHO, Regional Office for Europe Initiative

  • European School Network - "to establish a European school information network as a multimedia and communications platform as well as a framework for collaboration between schools in Europe"

  • Greening Your School Ground. A Working Manual - published in 1995 by Linda George and Environmental Educators' Provincial Specialist Association of Canada

  • Health Promoting Schools in Australia Page - provided by the Faculty of Education and the Centre for Studies in Mathematics, Science and Environmental Education, Deakin University, Geelong, including a critical essay by Derek Colquhoun on the health-promoting schools concept

  • Healthier Schools of New Mexico (USA) - "The Healthier Schools New Mexico Model of Coordinated School Health, illustrated by the yucca plant, provides a programmatic framework for student learning. The focus is on the blossom, the healthy and successful student. The tap root is the family without which children cannot thrive and grow. The other roots represent the responsibilities that culture, education, public services, media, community, and businesses have in producing healthier students. The root system is the nurturing network which supplies the resources and energy for the yucca to grow. The leaves, which represent the components of coordinated school health, symbolize the daily opportunities schools have to interact with children on health related issues, of which there are many"

  • Healthy Schools in West-Virginia (USA) - a joint initiative of the West Virginia Department of Education and the West Virginia Bureau of Public Health, encourages and assists local school districts/communities to develop "healthy schools."

  • Regional Strategies for the Development of Health-Promoting Schools - the following provides the text of the transparancies used during Rosmarie Erben's keynote address to the National Conference on Health-Promoting Schools in Brisbane (Australia) from 15-17 November 1998

  • School based health promotion across Australia - this is a report from 1997 in PDF-format, i.e., you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to view and print the report, the size of which is roughly 200KB

  • School Sanitation and Hygiene Education - "School Sanitation and Hygiene Education therefore focuses on development of life-skills, a healthy and safe school environment and outreach to the families and communities", this is a UNICEF project in collaboration with the International Reference Center (IRC) Water and Sanitation, The Hague (The Netherlands)

  • Svaneskolan, Lund (Sweden) - provides their program on how to establish a health promoting schools project

  • WHO Global School Health Initiative - "WHO calls upon governments, nongovernmental agencies, and other public and private sector agencies to help schools become Health-Promoting Schools. By doing so, such agencies will help schools implement health promotion and prevention strategies that are integrated and complementary. They will help schools minimize competition for time and attention between issues such as active living, life skills, tobacco use prevention and HIV/AIDS/STD education"

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