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  • Center for Health Administration Studies - located at the University of Chicago, the center conducts interdisciplinary studies of health services at local, national, and international levels

  • Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis (CHEPA) - [Canada] - "an interdisciplinary research centre based at McMaster University that is committed to producing high-quality, original, socially relevant research in health economics and health policy analysis, and to disseminating research evidence to decision makers in the health sector. Our research spans a broad range of topics including the organization, funding, and delivery of health care, the evaluation of health care programs and technologies, the measurement of health at the individual and population level, the determinants of population health, and the processes of health policy making"

  • Centre for Health Services and Policy Research - located at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada), its overall mission is to stimulate scientific inquiry into issues of health in population groups, and ways in which health services can best be organized, funded and delivered. Its client base includes researchers, health care policy-makers, health care providers, graduate students and the public; very interesting site with lots of information

  • Committee on Health Policy (USA) - "We are a group of social scientists with a strong professional interest in health policy issues. We are an unaffiliated group of the American Political Science Association and sponsor three or four panels each year at the APSA Annual Meeting. Membership is free, and anyone with an interest in health policy is invited to be a member"

  • European Union: Public health policy and programs

  • HandsNet: Linking the Human Services Community Online (USA) - a national, nonprofit organization that promotes information sharing, cross-sector collaboration and advocacy among individuals and organizations working on a broad range of public interest issues.

  • Health policy page - a US-based information source provided by The Virtual Magazine of the Electronic Policy Network which is itself a liberal organization of national and international institutes and professionals active to provide relevant information to the public; though US-based, this source is highly recommended as it provides numerous links to other organization active in public health

  • International Declaration of Health Rights

  • Lister Hill Center for Health Policy - located at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the Center "fosters research through the work of its Scholars whose primary research interests are: Health care markets and managed care; Maternal and Child health; Management in public health organization; and Clinical health services research

  • Manitoba Centre for Health Policy & Evaluation - "undertakes population-based health services research and policy analyses. MCHPE relies upon the unique Manitoba Health Research Data Base to describe and explain patterns of care and profiles of health and illness"

  • Medical and Public Health Law Site - presented by Edward P. Richards, Director, Public Health Law Project (University of Missouri)

  • WHO Program "Health for All in the 21st Century"

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