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  • Ancient Medicine - From Homer to Vesalius - "an on-line exhibition prepared in conjunction with the Colloquium "Antiqua Medicina: Aspects in Ancient Medicine" held in McLeod Hall, at the Health Sciences Center of the University of Virginia on February 27, 1997"

  • Canadian Association for the History of Nursing - "to promote interest in the history of nursing and to develop scholarship in the field. CAHN/ACHN is a charitable organization founded in 1987, and is an interest group of the Canadian Nurses Association"

  • Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine - located at the University of Manchester (England)

  • Cheiron: The International Society for the History of Behavioral and Social Sciences - "Cheiron, named after the wise centaur of Greek myth, was formed in 1968 to promote international cooperation and multidisciplinary studies in the history of the social and behavioral sciences. Cheiron welcomes members for whom history is a side-interest, as well as scholars with a primary commitment to historical study"

  • European Association for the History of Medicine and Health

  • Historical Center for the Health Sciences (University of Michigan, USA) - "the HCHS is engaged in several historical endeavors including a sesquicentennial celebration of the medical school which will run through the year 2000, a large-scale research project of the history of American immigration and public health, and a study of American childhood and pediatrics. The HCHS has also forged links with Freedom House of Detroit, a settlement home for immigrants and refugees from across the globe"

  • History of Biomedicine - exquisite site provided by the Karolinska Institute of Medicine, Stockholm (Sweden)

  • History of Health - a timeline approach providing very interesting data

  • History of Public Health and Medicine - a MPH and PhD program located at Columbia University (New York)

  • History of the Health Sciences WWW Links - a huge collection of links on the subject, well-organized and highly recommended

  • History of Medicine and Health - part of the WWW Virtual Library for the History of Science, Technology & Medicine

  • Images from the History of Public Health - "This exhibit is an online version of Images from the History of the Public Health Service; A Photographic Exhibit by Ramunas Kondratas, Ph.D. printed in 1994 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Public Health Service" - excellent resource

  • International Network for the History of Public Health - "The focus of the INHPH is to promote, in the broadest sense, the study of the history of collective efforts for the improvement of the health of populations from antiquity to modernity with particular emphasis on the interdisciplinary analysis of the interaction between ideas on public health, organizations created to carry out these ideas, their implementation, and their social and demographic consequences. To this end the network will endeavor to improve communication among scholars interested in the field and to promote comparative research efforts"

  • Islamic Medical Manuscripts - offered by the National Library of Medicine (USA)

  • Medical experiments in Death Camps (Auschwitz etc.) - "dedicated to the memory of all those who were killed in Auschwitz and in all other concentration camps during the second World War . It is especially put up to remind us all of those who were brutally experimented on by the Nazis. This site is emotionally stressing and should not be viewd by younger children"

  • Medical history on the Internet - very rich resource and highly recommended

  • John Snow - "devoted to the life and times of Dr. John Snow (1813-1858), a legendary figure in the history of public health, epidemiology and anesthesiology" - excellent site, offered by Ralph R. Frerichs

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