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  • Canada: Health indicators - "a comprehensive set of health indicators containing information from a wide variety of national surveys and administrative databases, making this package a versatile and powerful tool for the analysis of Canadian health issues"

  • Health indicators - Hawaii

  • Healthy Anchorage Indicators - "Helping Anchorage to measure its health and quality of life - a Project of the Anchorage Department of Health and Human Services Community Health Promotion Program. HAI's purpose is to provide information about how our community is doing health-wise—information that will help us make smarter choices about our personal health and the health of our community"

  • Indicators of child and youth well-being - from: Trends in the Well-Being of America's Children and Youth: 1996, published by the Department of Health and Human Services

  • Larimer County Health Indicator Category (USA)

  • Health indicators - Texas

  • Health indicators - Victoria (Australia)

  • Redefining Progress - "seeks to shift the prevailing definition of progress, from one based exclusively on a growing economy, to one that resonates with people's sense of the quality of their lives. We believe that, as it stands today, our society faces a troubling future. By using traditional financial measures as our primary compass, we steer society on a course that all too frequently points us away from progress"
  • Urban Quality Indicators (UQI) - "a newsletter that shares and critiques information on various efforts in North America measuring the quality, health and sustainability of its communities - from neighborhoods to regions. Published by Urban Quality Communications, Ann Arbor, MI."

  • WHO Statistical Information - comprehensive web-site with links to basic health indicators WHO uses in its evaluation and monitoring programs

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