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  • Center for Food Safety (USA) - "address the impacts of our food production system on human health, animal welfare and the environment"

  • Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (USA) - "The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN), regulates $240 billion worth of domestic food, $15 billion worth of imported foods, and $15 billion worth of cosmetics sold across state lines. This regulation takes place from the products' point of U.S. entry or processing to their point of sale. CFSAN is one of six centers within FDA. With a work force of about 800, the center promotes and protects the public health and economic interest by ensuring that: Food is safe, nutritious and wholesome, and cosmetics are safe; Food and cosmetics are honestly, accurately and informatively labeled. To achieve these goals, the center strives to be a leader in food safety, protect consumers from economic fraud, promote sound nutrition, and encourage innovation"

  • Codex Alimentarius Commission - the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme

  • Food Safety Home Page - "a resource for anyone interested in the cause and prevention of foodborne illness. It provides basic information about the bacteria, parasites and viruses that can cause foodborne illness. It gives factual information on current food safety issues. Also, it contains links to many government, university and industry web pages. Finally, I have included some "real life" case histories of foodborne illness. Through the misdeeds of others, we can learn how food safety failures occur and how to prevent them from happening again"

  • International Consultative Group on Food Irradiation - a collaborative group set up by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and the World Health Organization (FAO). Its functions are: "1) to evaluate global developments in the field of food irradiation; 2) to provide a focal point of advice on the application of food irradiation to Member States and the three Organizations; and 3) to furnish information, as required, through the Organizations, to the Joint FAO/IAEA/WHO Expert Committee on the Wholesomeness of Irradiated Food and the Codex Alimentarius Commission"

  • National Food Safety Initiative (USA) - an intersectoral collaboration between Food and Drug Administration, U. S. Department of Agriculture, U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - this site provides rich resources and a blueprint for other countries to get involved in food safety

  • Soil Association (UK) - "the UK's leading campaigning and certification body for organic food and farming. We develop and provide practical and sustainable solutions which combine food production and environmental protection and human health. We have been researching and promoting organic farming as the key to sustainable agriculture since 1946"

  • WHO Program on Food Safety and Food Aid

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