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  • Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum (USA) - "create a network for disseminating and sharing health information, resources and policy issues amongst individuals and organizations that provide health services to the Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) communities"

  • Center for Cross Cultural Health - "a unique resource designed to help health-care providers in their work with patients of diverse cultures. Designed as a clearinghouse and source of information, training and research on the role of culture in health, the Center is based in Minneapolis, with outreach capacity for the entire state of Minnesota"

  • Centre for Culture, Ethnicity, and Health - located in Melbourne (Australia)

  • Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations - located at the University of Warwick (United Kingdom)

  • Cross Cultural Health Care Program (Seattle, USA) - "Established in 1992 with a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the formation of the CCHCP was a response to an increasingly urgent need to decipher and to negotiate the diverse health care needs of the growing non-mainstream, limited-English-speaking populations in the Seattle area. The CCHCP's approach places culture within the context of an interwoven network of relationships between language and tradition, tradition and history, history and economics, etc."

  • Diversity Rx - "Policymakers, health care providers, and consumer representatives can find resources here to: learn about language and cultural competence in health care, design better programs and policies, and network with colleagues and experts"

  • Ethnic health programs - located at the Department of Health, Utah (USA)

  • European Centre for Minority Issues - "ECMI’s aim is to promote interdisciplinary research on issues related to national minorities and majorities in a European perspective and to contribute to the improvement of inter-ethnic relations in those parts of Western and Eastern Europe where ethnopolitical tension and conflict prevail. ECMI's three main spheres of activity are: (1) Information Services, (2) Research, and (3) Constructive Conflict Management. Concrete projects in these three fields include: a full-text databank on minority legislation in the countries of Europe, an Atlas on the Ethnic Structure and National Minorities of Europe, and the organization of seminars and workshops to facilitate dialogue between conflict parties"

  • Minority Health Network - a component of the Global Health Network, providing resources on minority health in the USA

  • Minority Health Resources - provided by the Center for Excellence in Minority Medical Education and Health, Michigan State University

  • Native American Health Resources - provided by the WWW VL Public Health

  • Office of Minority Health Resource Center (USA)

  • Transcultural and Multicultural Health Links - a huge collection of resources and links - highly recommended

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