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  • Australian National University: Demography Program - rich resources on population development, public health

  • Center for Demographic Studies (Duke University) - "primary focus of our research is statistical analysis into long term care of the elderly population, in specific those 65 years of age and older"

  • Center for Demography and Ecology (University of Wisconsin, USA) - "a multi-disciplinary faculty research cooperative for social scientific demographic research whose membership includes sociologists, rural sociologists, economists, and historians. Current and planned research activities of CDE focus on population composition and distribution within the United States, especially on changes in family structure and process and social inequality, but the total range of research and training activities of CDE members is far broader in content and scope"

  • Demographic Entrapment - a web-site by Maurice King (University of Leeds) and Charles Elliott (Cambridge University) on which they argue that "[t]here is strong evidence to suggest that large parts of the world, including most of Africa and parts of South Asia, are demographically trapped' in that communities there have exceeded, or are expected to exceed,
    1. the carrying capacity of their local ecosystems, and
    2. their opportunities for migration, and
    3. the ability of their economies to produce the necessary goods and services which they can exchange for food and other necessities.
    When this happens, they are faced with starvation and slaughter"

  • European Association of Population Studies - "an international and multidisciplinary forum for the study of Europe's population. It stimulates the interest in population issues among governments, national and international organizations and the general public. To this end, EAPS fosters the exchange and dissemination of population-related information"

  • Global Demography Project at the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (USA)

  • Institute of Population Studies, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)

  • International Data Base (IDB) - a resource offered by the US Census Bureau, "a computerized data bank containing statistical tables of demographic, and socio-economic data for 227 countries and areas of the world"

  • Max-Planck-Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock (Germany)

  • Medical Geography Page - "Medical Geography can be defined as the branch of Human Geography concerned with the geographic aspects of health (status) and health care (systems). It seeks, along with 'sister' disciplines such as Medical Anthropology, Medical Sociology and Health Economics, to broaden our understanding of the various factors which affect the health of populations"

  • Network for Integrated European Population Studies (NIEPS) - " brings together for the first time national population institutes in Europe. They form a platform, which aims at promoting a dialogue on policy relevant domains of population and family dynamics on the one hand and socio-economic processes on the other"

  • Population Council - "a nonprofit, nongovernmental research organization established in 1952, seeks to improve the wellbeing and reproductive health of current and future generations around the world and to help achieve a humane, equitable, and sustainable balance between people and resources"

  • Population Reference Bureau (USA) - "founded in 1929 and is America's oldest population organization. We are a nonprofit, nonadvocacy, educational organization. We work with both public and private sector partners to increase the amount, accuracy and usefulness of information concerning changes in population and the impact those changes may have"

  • Population Studies Center of the University of Michigan - one of the oldest in the USA with a strong interdisciplinary component

  • Population Studies Center of the University of Pennsylvania - rich demographic resources of particular interest to public health

  • Requiem - "Our civilization is dying from "system" problems; problems such as the population explosion, natural resource depletion, and war. Problems which have no technical solutions. Moreover, our system problems have no current political solutions. If there is any hope at all, it is that people will come to understand the key systems in their world and then find the courage to make the hard decisions necessary for survival. We must find political means to abandon the competitive, consumptive social system -- or we shall perish" - this is an extremely rich resource, highly recommended

  • United Nations Population Information Network (POPIN) - "Founded: 9 May 1979, by resolution 1979/33 of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Commenced operations January 1981. To identify, establish, strengthen and coordinate population information activities at international, regional and national levels; to facilitate and enhance the availability of population information in collaboration with the regional commissions, the specialized agencies and the NGO population community; and to provide a forum for the exchange of experiences among developed and developing countries on population information issues"

  • US-Demography

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