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    • CDC - Travel Information : Australia and the South Pacific
    • CIA - World Factbook : Vanuatu ( by ODCI )
    • Jon Frum Movement - "Cargo cults are usually revivalist, and in some cases messianic and millenarian, movements found among certain peoples indigenous to Oceania. The word cargo refers to foreign goods possessed by Europeans; cult adherents believe that such goods belong to themselves and that, with the help of ancestral spirits, the goods can be returned to them through magico-religious means. Some cult prophets promise that the arrival of cargo will herald a period of prosperity and well-being. Such movements represent the efforts of local inhabitants to cope with problems arising from contact with foreign cultures acculturation"
    • Vanuatu - an introduction - this is a lovely site, because it is organized almost according to the ways of life of the Pacific. It takes time to download each page because they are full of graphics, but it's real fun to spend this time with Vanuatu - well, at least if you can afford it in terms of server-fees
    • Vanuatu-Net - another Internet provider covering the islands of Vanuatu, particular focus on economy and tourism, check it out
    • Vanuatu - from a Canadian's perspective" - simply the best site we came across so far; provided by Stan Combs whoever he may be and live at the moment: thanks

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