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      - Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean (EMRO) in Alexandria ( Egypt )

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    • CARE : Country Profile
    • CSS - Centrale Sanitaire Suisse - Zürich - Politische Solidarität durch medizinische Hilfe ( French & German ) :
      - Palestine
    • Gaza Community Mental Health Programme - "a Palestinian non-governmental institution, established in 1990 to serve the poulation of Gaza strip. GCMHP aims to offer comprehensive community-based mental health services. GCMHP's three centers in Gaza, Khan Younis, and Jabalaya extend their services to all sectors of society with emphasis on victims of domestic and political violence particularly women, children, and victims of human rights violations"
    • Palestinian Counseling Center - "since its establishment in 1983 and through its team of multi-disciplinary counselors and experts, the PCC has served as a catalyst in promoting community-based development in addition to introducing the concept of mental health in Palestine. The main beneficiaries of the PCC's work have been the geographically, socially and economically marginalized groups, namely children and youth. However, the PCC implements the holistic approach in all its programs, where parents and school administrations as well as community members as a whole are beneficiaries"
    • Welfare Association - "a private, non-profit foundation established in 1983 in Geneva to support Palestinian society in sustainable development. Officially registered under the name Welfare Association, it has become better known in the region by its Arabic name, Ta'awoun, meaning cooperation"

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