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  • General Remarks

  • Governmental Links

  • Healthy Cities and Healthy Communities

  • Health Promoting Schools

  • National Public Health Associations

  • National Public Health Education and Research Facilities

    • Kathmandu University - provided by Shaligram Pokharel, general information on the university, the site seems to be under development

  • National Public Health Networks / Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO's) / Private Associations

    • Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Centre (CWIN) - "As a watch-dog in the field of child rights in the country, CWIN acts as a voice of children through lobbying, campaign and pressure to the government to protect and promote children's rights in the country, and to end all kinds of exploitation, abuse and discrimination against children"
    • Educate The Children Foundation - "a small, grassroots Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which conducts educational and community development projects in Nepal. These projects range from sponsorship of children in private schools in Kathmandu to an integrated rural development program incorporating literacy, women's development, and sustainable agriculture in two rural districts northwest of Kathmandu"
    • Empower Nepal Foundation - will be guided by an elected and nominated board of directors representing individual and corporate sponsors, Nepali organizations, Peace Corps Volunteers, expatriate consultants, and public and private institutions with interest on Nepal in particular and the Himalayan region in general. Empower Nepal Foundation encourages equal opportunity of participation by Nepal lovers regardless of their national origin, cultural and religious heritage, political ideologies, professional background, color, age, gender, and social status. Empower Nepal plans to complete its initial organization phase by 1997 and envisages to start making contributions to Nepal by 1998
    • Himalayan Health Care, Inc. - "a non-profit organization was established to address the health crisis in rural Nepal. The primary objectives of the organization are to provide immediate medical treatment to people living in remote mountain villages and to improve the general health conditions of the rural population of Nepal who do not have access to health care at times of critical need"
    • Fred Hollows Foundation : Nepal
    • HealthNet Nepal
    • Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP) - "a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, providing neutral, impartial, and independent information to travellers, to ensure the future ecological and cultural prosperity of Nepal through positive impact tourism and outreach project work"
    • Nepal Forward Foundation - "provides volunteers and charitable assistance to support human rights, environmental health and sustainable development in Nepal"

  • National Self Help Groups

  • National Public Health Journals / e-zines

  • National Public Health Mailing-List(s)

  • Miscellaneous

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