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  • Healthy Cities and Healthy Communities

  • Health Promoting Schools

  • National Public Health Associations

  • National Public Health Education and Research Facilities

  • National Public Health Networks / Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO's) / Private Associations

    • Ashwinikumar Medical Relief Society - non-governmental organization aiming at the prevention of tuberculosis in the context of Health for All and poverty reduction
    • Ayurvedic Health Center - resources on this traditional approach to human health
    • BAIF Development Research Foundation - "to create opportunities of gainful self-employment for rural families especially disadvantaged sections, ensuring sustainable livelihood, enriched environment, improved quality of life and good human values"
    • Calcutta Foundation - "a socio-cultural organisation (registered as a Charity Trust under 80-G), which was set up in 1992 to reach out to the under-privileged and weaker sections of Calcutta's society. It does so without regard to race, colour, religion or nationality, with the help of time and money donated by a concerned group of Calcuttans. Its objective is to help the needy, to search for talent amongst the young and the not-so-fortunate and to nurture these talents, in any field of art"
    • Calcutta Rescue - "works to improve the health and quality of life of the destitute and socially disadvantaged of Calcutta and rural West Bengal. It is the result of a lifetime effort by Dr. Jack Preger. Calcutta Rescue's philosophy is to fight poverty, ignorance and apathy, offering free health care and education for all who need it, regardless of race, class, culture or religion"
    • Cancer Patients Aid Association
    • Centre for Science and Environment - "one of India’s leading environmental NGOs with a deep interest in sustainable natural resource management. CSE’s strategy of "knowledge based activism" has won it wide respect and admiration for the quality of its campaigns, research and publications which are trying to bring about change in an extremely difficult situation"
    • Child in Need Institute - "started its activities in the year 1974 in Thakurpur, on the southern outskirts of Calcutta City. A small clinic where 30 mothers with their malnourished children came to seek treatment, immunization, and food supplements, it gradually expanded its services over the years, specially targetting its services to the needy families living in the slum and village areas in South Calcutta"
    • Community Health Cell - "the functional unit of the Society for Community Health Awareness, Research and Action (SOCHARA) promoting its aims and objectives"
    • Consumer Unity and Trust Society - "a registered, recognised, non-partisan, non-profit and non-government organisation pursuing social justice and economic equity within and across borders for over 16 years"
    • Dakshinayan - a non-profit, non-religious organization providing basic education and health care to tribal and other rural communities in India
    • Deepalaya - "a non Government Organization in New Delhi, India, has been constantly endeavouring to transform the lives and vision of the children from the deprived and disadvantaged communities and their families by imparting them with education, health and plans for income generation"
    • Deep Griha Society - "Deep Griha, which means "Light House," is an independent, charitable organization that has been working to better the lives of the persons living in the slums of Pune, India. The organization has expanded from programs in medical and educational services to include programs for child care, women's development, and rural development"
    • Family Planning Association of India
    • Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT) - "to conserve medicinal plants in South India. The program is being implemented in close collaboration with State Forest Departments, research institutes, individual researchers, universities and selected environmental NGOs"
    • Free the Children - India - activist organization aiming at the improvement of children's living conditions and monitoring the enforcement of children's rights
    • Health Education Library for the People
    • HelpAge India - "to foster the welfare of the aged in India especially the needy aged; to raise funds for projects which assist the elderly irrespective of cast or creed; to create in the younger generation and in society a social awareness about the problems of the elderly in India today"
    • India Development Information Network - "a portal site with links to over 1000 leading development organisations in India. Bilateral agencies, government departments and leading NGOs, as indev partners, make the web site a 'One-stop shop' for development information on India"
    • India Rural Development Fund - "a non-profit organization, finances and supports rural development projects run by non-governmental organizations in India. Our focus is on education, vocational training, health, family planning, and infrastructure development"
    • Indian NGOs - excellent database providing access to NGOs in India
    • Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research - "to promote and conduct research on development (in its economic, technological, social, political and ecological aspects) from a broad inter- disciplinary perspective; to gain insights into the process of development and alternative policy options and to disseminate the knowledge so gained"
    • Jiva Institute - an innovative project in education and culture including health
    • Lepra India - "to improve public health status of the community through implementing control programmes for leprosy and other allied diseases, improving awareness level on health issues, promoting research in health science and rehabilitating the needy and disabled"
    • Medico Friend Circle - "a nation-wide group of socially conscious individuals interested in the health problems of people of India. Since its inception in 1974, mfc has critically analyzed the existing health care system and has tried to evolve an appropriate approach towards health care which is humane and which can meet the needs of the vast majority of the people in our country"
    • Movement for Alternatives and Youth Awareness (MAYA) - "started in 1989, is a secular development organisation committed to address the rights and responsibilities of all children and youth. MAYA has adopted an integrated approach to realise its goals. We believe that issues of children and youth cannot be addressed in isolation. Therefore it is imperative to work with any or all aspects that affect the realisation of the rights of children and youth. This has led MAYA to have various programmes and activities aimed at children, youth, women, the community and the State"
    • National Human Rights Commission
    • Nutrition Foundation of India - "a non-governmental voluntary agency dedicated to the upliftment of the nutrition status of Indians. It plays a catalytic role of advocacy and education to focus attention on major nutritional problems; provides leads for practical action in overcoming these problems; and combats inadequacies in the implementation of ongoing nutrition programmes"
    • Oxfam India
    • Participatory Research in Asia - "to promote people-oriented initiatives through participation at all levels of society. Through our methods of Participatory Research, we analyse critical issues and trends impacting civil society; create opportunities for dialogues on policies and programmes; and build our knowledge base on people-oriented initiatives by sharing our experiences and learning from those of people's organisations and other Non Government Organisations (NGOs)"
    • Peoples Council for Social Justice (Kerala) - "to promote and strengthen Human Rights for ensuring social justice to all, Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) and spreading legal awareness, besides extending free legal aid to needy persons and espousing public causes before appropriate fora"
    • Project Thalassaemia - Realising the high incidence of the Thalassaemia disorder due to ignorance of the cause among a large proportion of the public, the Rotary Club of Bombay Mid-Town has initiated Project Thalassaemia
    • PUBLIC - People United for Better Living In Calcutta, a non-profit, non-political, voluntary organisation with three focus concerns: (a) noise pollution, (b) air pollution, and (c) active citizenship
    • Public health in Mumbai/Bombay
    • Rajiv Gandhi Foundation
    • Russ Foundation - "a Community Project administered by Indians in India. It is a registered charity in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is located near the village of Chathirathondamanpathi about twenty miles from the large city of Madurai. Russ Foundation aims to become a focus for the community. It provides a home for local children who are parentless or disadvantaged, and it offers local people training, education and some employment"
    • Society for Natal Effects on Health in Adult Life - "our name SNEHA is a Hindi word meaning 'love' or 'affection'. We intend this to convey the love and affiliation between a mother and her baby. The letters also spell out the essence of our objectives: Society for Natal Effects on Health in Adult life. This reflects our concern about the poor state of nutrition of many women and girls (future mothers) in our country, and its downstream effects: low birthweight, poor childhood growth and, we believe, unnecessarily high rates of adult disease. All mothers want to nourish their babies, in the fullest sense of the word. Our goal is that they have the knowledge and opportunity to do so"
    • Sri Sudhindra Medical Mission - a charity organization serving the poor people in rural areas. The mission believes in providing basic health needs to the rural masses. It provides medical and public health services mainly in South Kanara, North Kanara and Kasaragod District
    • Susrusha - Public Health Service Society (Kerala)
    • Tamil Nadu Voluntary Health Association - a non-profit secular, registered Association of Voluntary Health Organisations in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry
    • Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) - "an autonomous, non-profit research institute established in 1974. Conducting both scientific and policy research, its activities are in the fields of energy, environment, biotechnology, forestry and whole range of sustainable development issues. The Institute is committed to
      • reducing all forms of waste
      • promoting efficient use of raw materials and depletable resources
      • protecting the environment
      • conserving natural resources and
      • wide-scale dissemination.
      TERI also takes a comprehensive view of development, wherein efficient use of natural resources and protection of the environment are seen as essential pre-requisites for economic welfare"
    • Voluntary Organization in Community Enterprise (VOICE) - "Through academic, vocational, and practical education, we give Mumbai's least fortunate children a chance to break the cycle of dependency"
    • Wardha Development Association - a community development organization in rural India

  • National Self Help Groups

  • National Public Health Journals / e-zines

  • National Public Health Mailing-List(s)

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