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  • Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, 24 November 2000
  • Canadian Inuit Sculpture - web-site on history and techniques of Inuit sculptures, provided by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, i.e. the federal government agency
  • Cape Dorset Inuit Art and Inuit Cultural Perspectives - "links the graphic work of some of the famous artists from the community of Cape Dorset with the memories, myths and legends of elders from the community of Igloolik"
  • Inuit Art Foundation - "owned and controlled by Canadian Inuit (Eskimo) artists, provides professional development opportunities for artists, and promotes Inuit art worldwide"
  • Inuit Art Gallery - Bayat Gallery is one of Canada's largest Inuit art galleries, located in Winnipeg (Manitoba) - excellent site
  • Inuit Authors - a service of the Internet Public Library providing resources on Inuit authors
  • Inukshuk Productions - "operated by Andr Brassard and his wife Qulik. Together they oversee and coordinate the company's activities which include a record label, specialized record distribution, publishing, artist management, marketing and promotions, professional and consumer audio retail, and finally, a state of the art 24-track recording studio which is made available to local, national and international artists and recording projects. One of Inukshuk Productions' main enterprises is the advancement of traditional & contemporary Inuit music and performers. Inukshuk has recorded a wide variety of Inuit talent and music with diverse styles that include accordion, traditional drum, dance and song, fiddle, country, folk, pop, gospel, rock, and the unique Canadian arctic Aya-ya and throat singing"
  • Jienat - sounds from 70 degrees north - a web-site on a group of musicians from Hammerfest (Norway)
  • Native Indian/ Inuit Photographers' Association (NIIPA) - "to set up a Native Indian/Inuit photographic, educational network and to encourage as well as promote the usage of photography as a medium of the fine arts"
  • 9. Riddu Riu festival in Givuotna/Kfjord in the north of Troms (19-23 July 2000) - "an abundant program with Sami artists and indigenous artists from the circumpolar area. Here you can experience a mix of well known Sami artists - young and old Sami yoikers and artists from Siberia, Greenland and Canada"
  • Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts and Crafts - owned and operated by the Inuit of Pangnirtung, Baffin Island, Nunavut

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