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Mi'kmaq Star


This is NOT the official web-site of the tribes.

Why this page from a German citizen living in Australia? If I'd only knew. This is all the result of a magic development of the past years when I got involved in Indigenous Peoples in Australia and North America. Eventually, I felt I should set up a web-page about the beautiful people I worked with, and here's one on the Mi'kmaq. Others deal with the Salish Kootenai and Pend d'Oreille and with Indigenous Peoples of Australia.

Guess, this is my humble tribute to these Peoples who I owe the deepest respect and admiration. Thanks for the lessons you're teaching me - ldb.

  • Aboriginal Peoples: The Micmac - a Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage web-site
  • Aboriginal Peoples in New Brunswick - "These texts are extracts from a publication entitled Micmac & Maliseet: First Nations of the Maritimes by Robert Leavitt, which has been approved by the Department of Education for use in provincial schools"; the page is part of the web-site of the New Brunswick Department of Intergovernmental and Aboriginal Affairs
  • Acadian Cultural Society Page de la Maison - "devoted to the study, preservation and promotion of Acadian Heritage and genealogy among individuals of Acadian descent, and serves as a resource for the exchange of Acadian information"
  • Afton Mi'kmaq First Nation
  • A.N.N.A. Foundation - "an International fund in memory of the late Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash. The late Warrior Patriot Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash dedicated her life, and died fighting for the rights of the Native people, for her children, grandchildren and the future stronghold of American Indian communities worldwide. Anna Mae's crusade to preserve the Native languages, cultures and traditions of the American Indian people will remain at the center of the A.N.N.A. Foundation, Inc."
  • Archaeology in Nova Scotia - a web-site of the Museum of Nova Scotia offering resources on the history of this geographical region - this is not an Indigenous web-site
  • Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs - "four main objectives:

    • to create a forum to enable First Nations Chiefs to speak with one voice on policy matters affecting the First Nations of Atlantic Canada and Quebec;
    • to create the capacity to analyse, discuss, modify, and develop alternatives to Federal Policies;
    • to develop and table First Nations policy positions;
    • to call before the CONGRESS the Federal policy decision makers.
  • Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq - "The Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaqs (CMM) is an organization that was formed in 1986 by the Band Councils of six Mainland Nova Scotia First Nations, namely Afton, Acadia, Horton, Millbrook, Pictou Landing and Shubenacadie. The Membership of the organization is the Chiefs and Councillors of each First Nation. The present six member bands are Afton, Annapolis Valley, Bear River, Horton, Millbrook and Pictou Landing. The Executive of the Organization is appointed by the Board of Directors (Chiefs of the member First Nations governments) and include an Executive Director, Secretary/Treasurer, and District Chief. The Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaqs was organized and registered on December 5, 1986 under the Societies Act of the Province of Nova Scotia as a non-profit organization."
  • Lee Cremo - this is a link to some information about the late Lee Cremo (he died in October 1999), a Mi'kmaq who played the fiddle so well; here's the mirrored orbituary by CBC Infoculture
  • Eskasoni & Mi'kmaq Sites - a Canadian site provided by the Mi'kmaq community - rich resources
  • Fort Folly First Nation

  • Fortress of Louisbourg - the official web-site of the Louisbourg Institute, "a University College of Cape Breton (UCCB) faculty initiated institute and adheres to UCCB's policy on the establishment of institutes and centres. The INSTITUTE is a partnership between the UCCB and the Fortress of Louisbourg, National Historic Site (FORTRESS)"
  • Kejimkujik National Park - "Kejimkujik lies in the centre of traditional canoe routes between the Bay of Fundy and the Atlantic Coast. The earliest inhabitants of Kejimkujik were Maritime Archaic Indians, present from about 4,500 years ago. The nomadic Woodland Indians were next to inhabit the area, utilizing seasonal campsites along rivers and lakeshores. The Mi'kmaq are descendants of these people and have called this area home for the last 2,000 years. Petroglyphs are one remaining trace of Mi'kmaq life in the Park"
  • Kjipuktuk Aboriginal College (KAC) - "Serving the Maritime First Nations since 1984, the Kjipuktuk Aboriginal College is committed to providing quality education programs to Aboriginal students in a culturally rich setting. Founded in 1984, then as the Micmac Native Learning Center, the KAC continues to provide students with employable skills to allow their participation in an increasingly technological dynamic labour market"
  • Labrador Métis Nation - "With 5,000 members, the Labrador Métis Nation is Labrador's largest Aboriginal organization. We are primarily the descendents of Inuit women and British men, although we also have Innu, Mi'Kmaq, and Cree blood. For these reasons, we call ourselves Métis. Although others eye it as a development opportunity, Labrador is our homeland - spiritually and culturally, as well as physically. Our people live in 14 small communities along Labrador's South Coast and in Central Labrador. Many of our people live in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, an urban area. Our heritage is built on a unique mix of Aboriginal and European traditions, although our adaptations to the land are Aboriginal in nature. Our Inuit ancestors have trapped, fished, and hunted here since time immemorial. It is our foremost wish and goal that our children will be able to do so"
  • Maliseet-Passamaquoddy Dictionary - "a work-in-progress. It now contains approximately 675 entries. Many more will be added in the near future. In March 1998, many recordings of entries and examples were added. These sound files are in WAV format. The recordings were made by native speakers of the language"
  • Metis Nation of the North West - a complete history of the Canadian Metis culture - this is not necessarily a Mi'kmaq web-site but its huge historical database provides useful information also in relation to the Mi'kmaq
  • Miawpukek First Nations
  • Mi' - "designed to provide a gathering place (the Virtual Pow wow) for the Mi'kmaq First Nations People. We invite non-natives to use it also. At we will provide information on our history, culture, treaties, land claims, organizations, communities, language, artists, businesses, programs, historical & current issues, job searching, what's happening on the festival circuit, governments and so on"
  • Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey / Education - "We will provide education funding and educational advice to Mi'kmaqs as well as help to establish standards for Mi'kmaq education. We are staffed by professionals and report to a Board of Directors made up of the 13 Mi'kmaq Chiefs. Our direction for education developments and improvements originate at the Band level and we facilitate and support individuals Bands to achieve their local education objectives and priorities as well as collective First Nation education issues"
  • Mi'kmaq Education Act (Canada) - passed by the Canadian Parliament in 1997, and legally known as "Bill C-30"
  • Mi'kmaq Historical Cultural Arts Society - "formed in 1993 to help preserve the MicMac Culture of the Atlantic Provinces. We are located in the community of Restigouche, Quebec. We are a not-for-profit organization. Our mandate is to help preserve and promote awareness of the MicMac culture"
  • Mi'kmaq Learning Resources - provided by Catherine Martin and Wade Gillard from Nova Scotia (Canada), an excellent site
  • Mi'kmaq Legends
  • Mi'kmaq/Maliseet Information Network - provides latest information on the Nations, and in addition offers access to historical, cultural, political resources
  • Mi'kmaq Medicines, Food and Teas
  • Mi'kmaq MultiMedia Communications - "a specialty publications company formed by 19 year old Mise'l Prosper of Millbrook First Nation near Truro, N.S" - and this site is of course in its early stages, but watch out
  • Mi'kmaq Net - "Our goal is to bring Internet Technology and Resources to the Mi'kmaq People. Our first project is the Education of our people. Pages teaching about our History, Culture, Language, Legends, Issues, treaties, etc., as well as Internet Tools, like Mi'kmaq WebRing, Free Mi'kmaq Mail email service, etc. Although Mi'kmaq Net only has resources to learning about us right now, we will be working on more services like a Search Engine, Free Home Pages, Web Tutorial, etc."
    • Fishing Fury - the battle about Indigenous Peoples' right to pursue their lifeways, which is currently (October 1999) under way in New Brunswick (Canada)

  • Mi'kmaq-Mi'gmaq Online Talking Dictionary Project - "developing a 5,000+ word resource for the Mi'kmaq/Mi'gmaq language. Each Mi'kmaq/Mi'gmaq word will be spoken by up to four speakers to show subtle differences in how a word is pronounced, and to illuminate more significant variations within the language. Later we will add short phrases. The project is centered in Listuguj, therefore we are starting with the Listuguj dialect. Other Mi'kmaq/Mi'qmag dialects and speakers can, and hopefully will, be included later"
  • The Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection - "The Nova Scotia Museum's Mi'kmaq Portraits database is a collection of portraits and illustrations in various media, of the Mi'kmaq of Atlantic Canada. For thousands of years before the arrival of European settlers, the Mi'kmaq called themselves L'nu'k, which simply means 'the people,' 'human beings.' Their present name, Mi'kmaq, derives from nikmaq, meaning 'my kin-friends.' Their descendants are still living in what are now Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and parts of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Québec. Many Mi'kmaq also make their homes in New England, particularly in Maine and Massachusetts."
  • MiKmaq Resource Center - "The Mi'kmaq Resource Centre is a repository of documents available for use by :
    • University College of Cape Breton Students
    • Mi'kmaq schools and educational institutions
    • Mi'kmaq social and cultural organizations
    • Mi'kmaq justice organizations
    • Individuals interested in Mi'kmaq issues
    The Mi'kmaq Resource Centre is currently collecting and assembling material concerning Mi'kmaq history, language, and culture"
  • Mi'kmaq Seagoing Legacy - a short story about the Mi'kmaqs being formidable masters of the sea
  • Mi'kmaq Storytelling - "to the Mi'kmaq, storytelling was a means of entertaining people and sharing information. Their stories were more like story cycles; a storyteller could take episodes from one and insert them into another to highlight certain points"
  • Mi'kmaq Student Services - located in Chapel Island, Nova Scotia (Canada), "offers some preparation and exam hints to those students who are preparing for tests and exams. For your information, we have included the the Monthly Newsletter to keep you up-to-date on what has been happening in the East Richmond Family of Schools."
  • Mi'kmaq Wowkis Video & Photography Production - Barry Bernard says: "I have been in the video & photography production business for over 5 years I have recorded many Mi'kmaq activities in the surrounding Mi'kmaq country. Right now I have produced 11 video productions for Eskasoni Training & Education Center in Eskasoni and many of these productions are in the school systems in the maritimes. Also I have finished a video production on the Royal Commission Report". Go see his excellent work.

  • Mi'kmaq of Taqamkuk - from Newfoundland (Canada)
  • The Mi'kmaq of Unama'Ki - from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (Canada)
  • Mike's Mi'kmaq Place - Mike Sack's excellent site, pay a visit, this guy deserves your respect
  • Muin Sipu Mi'kmaq Elementary (Bear River N.S.) - a nice page from an elementary school
  • Multimedia - a web-site offering interviews with Mi'kmaq representatives and leaders on a wide range of topics including environment, traditional lifeways, education and others
  • Native American Heritage - a web-site offering educational projects; it's not specifically a Mi'kmaq site, but it constantly refers to them
  • Native Council of Nova Scotia - "In our Resource Library, you'll find a wealth of educational material on the rich history and culture of the Mi'kmaq including historic treaties, maps, and recipes. There is also a review of the achievements of the Native Council of Nova Scotia over the past twenty years in serving the large community of off-reserve Aboriginal people"
  • Native Spirituality - an essay by Noel Knockwood, Elder and Spiritual Leader of the Mi'kmaq
  • Nova Scotia Native Women's Association - "a non-profit organization which represents approximately 4,000 native women who live in Nova Scotia. The association was formed to address the concerns and aspirations of Mi'kmaq women"
  • Premier Peuples de Quebec - not specifically a Mi'kmaq site, but it includes information on them ... only available in French
  • Red Crane Gallery - "Mi'kmaq artist Alan Syliboy offers a fresh interpretation in original works and prints, incorporating contemporary themes with traditional petroglyph symbols"
  • The Shubenacadie Canal - "For centuries, the Shubenacadie waterway, a 115 system of rivers and lakes, had been an important route for Mi'kmaq people during their travels between the Bay of Fundy and Halifax harbour. The waterway neatly bisected the province and could be travelled with only a few short portages. The First Nations people have been resident in Nova Scotia for almost 12,000 years, and the earliest archaeological site recorded so far on the Shubenacadie dates from the Late Archaic, about 4,000 years ago"
  • Roger Simon - Mi'kmaq Artist - "I have been a freelance artist since the late 70's and over the years have accomplished many projects ... displaying my art in group and one-man shows in prestigious galleries, including the OYATE GALLERY, in Ottawa, a native gallery in Canada'a capital. Between doing personal projects and work for other people and organizations, including the Canadian Department of Indian Affairs, I have done murals, calendars, book covers, post cards and posters. I use various mediums such as, oils, water colours, acrylics, charcoals, pastels and color pen and ink"

  • Tjipogtotjg - Bouctouche Micmac First Nation

  • Union of Nova Scotia Indians - "Membership of the Union of Nova Scotia Indians is defined in our by-law as any Mi'kmaq person who is registered as an Indian pursuant to the provisions of the Indian Act. There are approximately 11,000 Mi'kmaq in Nova Scotia"

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