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Sultans of Scam

Why David Knopfler, founder member of Dire Straits,
would like you to boycott his record.

There's music all over the world - and I'm only listening to a few types of it. Rock, folk, pop, jazz, classical music - so what? Music, this enigmatic symbolic system of communication (wow, that sounds really intellectual) keeps me warm when I freeze and it makes me freeze when I want to be kept warm. Honest music is required, but what is honest these days in the first place? I don't know anymore. I love to listen to David Knopfler and David Munyon, but I also love to listen to David Gilmour and Brian Wilson, John Coltrane and Johann Sebastian Bach, Neil Diamond and the Rolling Stones, Terry Allen and Townes Van Zandt, Martyn Joseph and David Wilcox, Joni Mitchell and Mary Coughlan, Dan Fogelberg and Pearl Jam, Neil Young and Warren Zevon - and sometimes, I simply love to listen to Frank Sinatra (oh dear!). In the end, I love sound, music, that is. I love and embrace it as an essential part of my mental and spiritual well-being.

Music, besides paintings and certain types of literature, is my way of coping with this world. And you may get an idea that this world must be strange if I'm listening to these diverse types of music, or am I strange in the first place? That would open up new channels of psychoanalysis which I leave to you to discover.

The following links give you some idea of what keeps me moving when some people believe I'm standing still.

As was said before: In the beginning there was ROCK

The Millenium Craze - the ultimate list of 10 CDs and 10 songs which will survive the next millenium because I believe they're exceptionally great. You may not like my selection, so be it, but that's what selections are all about: subjective choices sending those not considered into hell - oooh babe, how ridiculous

Articles on rock music - a few columns I wrote on different aspects of rock music.

Literature on (rock) music - a list of books I find interesting, but if you want to have a more comprehensive list, why don't you connect to, the *Internet-Bookshop* and put *rock-music* or something similar into the keyword-search?

Authors, journals, resources, shops, tv, radio - links to information on (rock) music, lots of links to resources, including some authors who are famous for their links to the *rock-scene*. And some of the stuff you find here, you won't find anywhere else unless you undertake lots of searches.

Singer-Songwriters and Bands - this site provides you with links to more than 340 singer-songwriters and bands which I, first of all, like, and secondly which I feel are relevant to the history of rock-music. I will update the list constantly as there are some artists missing, however, I was not able to find any information about them on the Net. Let's see what'll happen in the months to come. Thanks to the search engines of AltaVista, Yahoo, Google, FRITZ and other music fans who helped tracking down these links!

A fewCD

A few LP


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