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Last updated:  25 April 2000

  • Archipelago - news, features, and commentaries
  • ATIN ITO - the Filipino-Australian web-site, full of resources you don't want to miss - oh, in May 1998 they made my Philippines site their "Site of the Month", thanks Larry!
  • Austrian-Philippine Website - part of APSIS (Asian/Pacific Studies & Information Service) at the Institut für Völkerkunde (Institute of Social Anthropology), University of Vienna (Austria) and provides a wide range of resources
  • Bayanihan - news, business, links to pages on the Philippines and by Filipinos with particular emphasis on Cebu
  • EDSA Philippines - they claim to be "the finest comprehensive online directory of Philippine websites"; you've gotta check out yourself whether you agree
  • European Philippine Services - a huge collection of homepages and chat-clubs, lots of links to provinces of the Philippines and much more
  • Internet Manila
  • Philippine-Austrian Web Index - rich collection of links
  • Philippine Cyberspace Links
  • Philippines - Ernst Falch's (Norway) tribute to the country he loves; access to a broad range of resources including lots of photographs from all over the country
  • Philippines Genealogy Web Project
  • Philippines Literature Web-Site
  • Tanikalang Ginto - the Tagalog term for golden chains or links; here is a veritable gold mine of Philippine-oriented sites that you might want to explore - probably the best collection of links currently available
  • Tribung Pinoy - a web journal about the Philippines, the Filipino people and the Filipino diaspora as expressed from a decidedly but not exclusively Filipino perspective.
  • Virtual Library: Philippines
  • Visayas and Mindanao - a commercial site with lots of resources for this area, they're currently developing their web-site

PhilLinks on Balita - the ultimate Philippines Search Engine

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