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Last updated:  25 April 2000

  • Across the Philippine Isles - a beautiful and interesting travel site by Cristy (whoever she may be - thanks Cristy for this excellent site)
  • Baguio City Home Page - a fine site on the "Summer Capital" of the Philippines
  • Batan Island - "Batan Island is perhaps the safest place in the Philippines and is certainly one of the most remote. Here the cops leave their firearms at home with their wives, and the only people to enter the station cells are the cleaners", this is how a report of a travel to Batan Island begins
    • Batanes - all the information you want to know about this most northern Province of the Philippines

  • Cavite City - a web-site provided by Rogelio A. Santos who's obviously a proud citizen of Cavite; he collected lots of information about this booming city south of Manila
  • Central Philippine Languages: Bisaya, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Tagalog - "a non-commercial website devoted to the study and advancement of the Bisayan Language family of the central Philippines. Bisaya includes several dialects of which Cebuano, spoken in the regional center of Cebu City, is the best known. Although Bisaya is the main focus, other languages of the region, including Waray and Hiligaynon (Ilonggo) are included. Since Tagalog is the basis for the national language, Filipino, it too is included as a 'language of the region'"
  • Chronology of Philippine History - an excellent site with lots of links for in-depth studies, highly recommended
  • Destination: Philippines - a virtual tourist guide, excellent
  • Faith in the Filipino - "Who is the Filipino? Where did he come from and where is he going? We are a people who, in these postcolonial times, have yet to define a national identity. There are those who would view this as a tragedy. It can, however, more sensibly be viewed as a challenge"
  • Fire and Mud - Mount Pinatubo - "The goals of this monograph are to capture a vast array of observations about the remarkable events before, during, and since the climactic eruption of Mount Pinatubo, to synthesize those observations into an understanding of Pinatubo as a dynamic, complex volcanic system (within an equally dynamic and complex social setting), and to make both observations and interpretations accessible to volcanologists around the world, especially those who must cope with similar crises in the future"
  • Fuga Island - the northernmost tip of the Philippines - this site tells a sad story
  • Global Gourmet: Philippines - an adventurous trip into Philippine cuisine with some exciting insights
  • History of the Philippines - good quality information
  • Ifugao - that's one of the most exciting areas in the North of Luzon containing the rice terraces of Banaue
  • - "The only online art gallery featuring works of the most promising artists of the Philippines. The exhibit showcases the collections from the Heritage Art Gallery and friends of Jeepneystop, some of which are available for sale through special arrangements. Like the jeepney, let the jeepneystop fill you with colors and shapes, limited only by your imagination" - this page needs time to download because of lots of pictures
  • Journeys to the Philippines - a highly personal account of the Philippines provided by Robert Gardner, lots of photographs, highly recommended
  • Lonely Planet: Philippines - the famous tourist guide with probably the most detailed information for travellers
  • Mabuhay-Homepage - an interesting web-site in Germany and in German with rich resources
  • Make It Cebu - a web-site devoted to the Province of Cebu - great stuff
  • Manolo's Pages - Manuel L. Quezon III, a writer and journalist (and grandson of the former President of the Philippines) provides interesting (historical) resources and comments, worth a visit
  • Maps of the Philippines
  • Mindanao - Mindanao, the Philippines' second largest island, is poised to become a major agro-industrial and manufacturing hub in East Asia. With vast natural and human resources and comparative advantages in agribusiness, industry, and tourism, Mindanao has become a 'gateway to opportunity' for Filipino and international investors
  • Natives' Wish - "The Philippines is about dreaming and becoming. This website is, too. It's a peek at the other part of the Philippines, the beautiful, funny, hopeful part, the part that almost never makes it to the front page. If you've ever wondered about that part of the Philippines-the smiles, the kindnessses, the traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, then, well, you could be dreaming. But that's not enough. You must go through the painful, yet, rewarding experience of becoming one who knows and believes in Pinoy. This completes our task of delivering you the Pinoy stuff daily"
  • Philippine Civilization and Technology - very interesting web-site with lots of historical information
  • Philippine History Group of Los Angeles (USA) - "Because various events are scheduled to celebrate the Philippine Independence centennial now and in the next few years, we are showcasing articles related to that tumultuous period when the 20th century arrived. We have tried to cover topics that are not too well known and we think you will find our choices interesting and provocative"
  • PhilMusic - a server which provides access to contemporary music in the Philippines
  • Jose P. Rizal - a very comprehensive web-site on the best-known national hero of the Philippines
  • San Jose City (Luzon) - a fine resource on this city in the north of Luzon
  • Sentenaryo/Centennial - The Philippine Revolution and Philippine-American War - this excellent web-site provided by Jim Zwick is "a collaborative exploration of the enduring cultural and political impacts of the Philippine Revolution and the Philippine-American War. It includes historical texts, essays, photographs, political cartoons, and other illustrations placed online at this site and links to materials at other sites across the Web. New materials are added on a regular basis"
  • Taal Volcano - one of my favorite locations of the Philippines, very spiritual to me ...
  • Tagalog - an interactive language and Philippine culture resource site
  • Tectonics and volcanoes of the Philippines - "The volcanoes of the Philippines are the most deadly and costly in the world. Fatalities have been caused by 13% of the historic eruptions, most notably at Taal and Mayon, and 22% of the eruptions caused damage. Mudflows are more common in the Philippines, compared to other regions, because of heavy rains. Tsunami are more commonly associated with eruptions at the Philippines than in any other volcanic region. Many of the Holocene volcanoes in the Philippines have eruptive products that have not been dated."
  • Typhoon '99 -the first Philippine web-site on tropical cyclones

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