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Last updated:  18 May 2001

  • Asian Journal - "a website designed and developed for Filipinos living and working in North America and other parts of the world. The website provides the latest news from the Philippines and a collection of current events and news items about, and for Filipinos in North America and around the world. This website contains a comprehensive collection of immigration information; links to websites for and maintained by Filipinos; facts and trivia about the Philippines and Filipinos; a guide on how to market to Filipinos; and a marketplace of Filipino-owned and non-Filipino-owned businesses that actively markets to members of the Filipino communities in North America and around the world"
  • Balita-L - the Original Philippine News Service
  • BusinessWorld: Internet Edition
  • Daily Tribune
  • Goodwill Bookstore - if you wish, you can buy books online
  • National Bookstore
  • NegrosNews Online - news from Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental
  • Philippine American Literary House - "a mail order bookseller of Philippine and Philippine American books. PALH carries the finest Filipiniana titles, including used/rare books. All books in our U.S. location are selected carefully and are appropriate for libraries, collectors, educators, as well as the general reading public. Many of our books are one-of-a-kind"
  • Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism - an independent, nonstock, nonprofit media agency that specializes in investigative reporting - highly recommended
  • Philippine Daily Inquirer - in my humble opinion, the leading national newspaper
  • Philippine Journalism Review - published by the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility
  • Philippine NewsLink - a comprehensive resource on news on the Philippines - highly recommended
  • Philippine Star
  • Sunstar - an online service of exquisite quality
  • The Manila Times - another national newspaper and not bad at all
  • Today
  • Twisted - popular newspaper column by Jessica Zafra which holds what the title promises, great stuff
  • Washington Post, World Reference: Philippines - here you can read the latest stories on the Philippines either published by the Washington Post or by Associated Press

PhilLinks on Balita - the ultimate Philippines Search Engine

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