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  • African Music Encyclopedia - excellent resource on African music, a labor of love and covering ... well, almost everything I'd say, perhaps the ultimate resource
  • African Music Hub - "we provide a global portal for African Music with access to sites, information, news and discussion on all aspects of African music"
  • AMG - the All Music Guide, this superb database is just amazing because it claims to have records on every song, artist etc. recorded; check it out
  • ASCAP - American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers; "a membership society of over 71,000 active composer, songwriter, lyricist and music publisher members. ASCAP was created in 1914 to provide the essential link between the creators of music and the users of music. We are the only performing rights licensing organization in the United States whose Board of Directors is made up entirely of writers and music publishers elected by and from our membership
  • Australian Rock Exchange - "developed to provide a reference source for all sectors of the Australian Music industry and the general public alike. For bands, we offer an affordable and viable means to promote via the WWW whilst at the same time giving them access to other services and contacts vital for their success in the industry. For industry service providers like Booking Agents, Promoters and Venue Managers, A.R.E. provides an easy one stop catalogue of Australian Bands from all genres & styles, whether an Original act or Tribute/Cover band. The only requirement is the act must be Australian!" [oho ... ]
  • Australian Women in Rock - provides access to resources on female Australian singer-songwriters and bands
  • Band Register Page - offers bands the unprecedented facility of searching the world's largest database of band names and band information. Find out if your band name is in use, and if not, register it to help protect from other bands using it
  • Bethel Woodstock Museum - Art Vassmer, his family and the Woodstock Festival - what an interesting mixture
  • Biographies of Rock and Roll Acts of the 60's, 70's and 80's - an impressive collection of materials, some information may be hardly found anywhere else
  • Blue Flame Cafe - "an interactive biographical encyclopedia of the great blues singers and singers of the blues" - excellent
  • Blue Highway - the best blues page I've found. Just awesome.
  • Blues 4 Kids - "designed for teachers who either teach the blues or would like to learn more about it. Blues 4 Kids is dedicated to creating, developing, and presenting blues learning modules by utilizing integrative techniques and employing all the methods by which children learn"
  • Blues Links - great collection of links to rich resources on blues
  • BMI - "is your best source for the song titles, writers and publishers of the world's most popular music -- the BMI repertoire -- in a searchable database of millions of items, updated weekly, together with the Web's most complete fund of information for and about songwriting and music licensing"
  • Buddy Holly Center - "to motivate public interest in contemporary visual arts and in the music and music history of Texas and West Texas"
  • Carlo Little - Confessions of a 60's drummer - amazing stuff of one of the key figures of the rock scene in London at that time
  • CDReviews
  • Chronology of San Francisco Rock: 1965-1969 - a web-page offered by the Museum of San Francisco which is richly hyperlinked, an excellent resource on this city's contribution to rock music
  • Colorado Blues Society Links - this site refers to the blues scene in Colorado, but it provides further resources of interest - give it a chance, please
  • Country Music Club - a huge meta-site covering all aspects of country music
  • Roger Dean - he's a designer and an architect and an artist, his most famous work is the design of covers for the band Yes; this site introduces to the work of Roger Dean, highly recommended
  • Delerium's Psychedelic Web - "Whether you're interested in psychedelic music from the 60s through to the 90s, Space Rock, Prog Rock, or the resurgent sounds of the 90s we hope you'll find something of interest within ..." - this is excellent stuff
  • Der Schallplattenmann sagt - a weekly German electronic newsletter on recent issues of rock-music; if your German is good enough, join them; a great resource on (rock-) music
  • Henry Diltz - the Gallery of the famous Henry Diltz, photographer of hundreds of album covers and musicians; this site is an aesthetic delight
  • Barry Drake's lectures on the history of rock & roll - quite an interesting web-site with lots of "insider" information on the history of rock music
  • Encyclopedia of Canadian Rock, Pop & Folk Music
  • Ethnomusicology - The sociocultural study of music - a student's web-site discussing issues of popular music with a focus on country music - I'm not sure how long this site will be on the web, but check it out
  • Experience Music Project (EMP) - an exquisite web-site on all aspects of (rock) music, "Experience Music Project's collection includes nearly 80,000 artifacts that shape music history including musical instruments (from one of the first electric guitars to those used by artists such as Bob Dylan, Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters and Kurt Cobain), an extensive recorded sound archive, film, photographs, fanzines from around the country, stage costumes, hand written song lyrics, and rare song sheets" - a visit of this web-site is a must for everyone interested in rock music
  • Farm Aid - "In 1985, Farm Aid was born from the passion and commitment of a group of musical artists who wanted to give something back to the rural communities that raised them. For over a decade, Farm Aid co-founders Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, and Neil Young, have brought hundreds of artists together to sing a song of hope for rural America. Thousands of Americans have joined these artists in their commitment to help keep family farmers on their land"
  • Folk Music Page by Martin Nail - perhaps the best resource on British folk music with lots of links
  • FRITZ music database - a huge database of a German Radio Station and it's of course in German - well, trust me, they followed the Prussian approach of getting everything in order ;-))
  • George Graham's Weekly Album Reviews - a wealth of wisdom and knowledge about rock-music offered by George Graham, one of the leading contemporary rock-music reviewers - I like his style, and therefore, this site is highly recommended
  • Global Music Center - "a music institute based in Finland dedicated to the different musics of the world. We organise events, produce recordings, undertake research and disseminate and publish worldwide music information worldwide" - world music in the making?
  • Guitar Nine Records - an interesting web-site on guitar music, musicians including guest comments by guitarrist, highly recommended
  • History of Country Music - "This is the only country music history site on the Web, brought to you by the world's #1 Country and Western Site: Roughstock. This exhibit looks at some of the influential artists and songs of the 1930's through the 1990's era by era. Look around, you'll find artists from Gene Autry, Roy Acuff, Bob Wills, Hank Williams to Patsy Cline, Lefty Frizzell, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks and many others. Included in our narrative look are numerous rare images, sound clips, and digital movies. By no means is this the definitive word on country music. What you see here is a continuous work in progress"
  • History of Rock & Roll - "This web page attempts to explore the roots of rock in such a way as to illuminate the natural progression of musical styles. To often the study of rock begins with Bill Haley and His Comets and includes scant information about the blues and rhythm records that he, and others, used as a model. A musical genre does not simply appear, it gradually evolves to a point in time when some event-performance, publication, or recording allows listeners to perceive its unique qualities and apply a label"
  • History of band names - this is a funny resource, or perhaps not so funny when you know a bit more why bands were named the way we know them - guess why 10cc was named 10cc?
  • House of Blues - a commercial site for a venue of rock and blues concerts including dining and drinking and ... as I use to say: the McDonaldization of society does not know any limits
  • Insurgent Country - an excellent web-site offered by Hans Settler, providing a wealth of resources, particularly regarding "alternative" country music, highly recommended
  • International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) - an international organisation established to promote inquiry, scholarship and analysis in the area of Popular Music. Founded in 1981, IASPM has grown into an international network of almost 600 members world-wide. The organisation's activities include conferences, publications, and research projects designed to advance an understanding of Popular Music and the processes involved in its production and consumption. To build a large and diverse body of knowledge of Popular Music, IASPM is interprofessional and interdisciplinary. It welcomes as members everyone involved with Popular Music. To preserve its autonomy, the association remains independent of all commercial and governmental interests
  • Jammin Reggae Archives - calls itself in all modesty: "A collection of information about and Web Links to Reggae Music" - it's the best, believe me
  • The Robert Johnson Notebook - "The vitality of Robert Johnson's music has been reaffirmed by the many remakes of his songs, from such diverse artists as Lee Roy Parnell to Eric Clapton to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Moreover, his music influenced artists such as Muddy Waters, who in turn advanced the birth of rock'n'roll. But it is not just Johnson's incredible guitar playing or fantastically expressive singing which deserves homage. His lyrics, which are commonly considered as only context to his music, are actually rich, tightly wrought poems worthy of intense literary examination"
  • Junior's Juke Joint - "I'm a cultural anthropologist who lives in the Mississippi Delta, Louisiana side, and I spend lots of time in Delta juke joints. You're about to take a trip inside the places where the blues began. I'm not talking about white people blues bars filled with college students. I'm talking about edge-of-a-cotton-field juke joints filled with real Delta folks." - This is one of the greatest web-sites on blues I've ever come across
  • Knights in Blue Denim - this web-site is on the blues scene in England in the 1960s, particularly 1968-1970. In addition it offers very rich resources to blues scenes in Europe and elsewhere
  • Luckenbach, Texas - "a hill country hamlet complete with Blacksmith Shop, Post Office, Beer Joint, Dance Hall and Cotton Gin. The tiny 10 acres is situated between two creeks with plenty of shade provided by the many beautiful live oak trees. Come on out, step back in time, relax and enjoy the simplicity." - Doesn't ring a bell? No? Then forget to travel here. Would be a waste of bandwidth and time
  • Manchester Institute for Popular Culture - "set up to promote theoretical and empirical research in the area of contemporary popular culture, both within the academy and in conjunction with local, national and international agencies. It is a research centre particularly engaged in comparative research projects around aspects of production, consumption, and regulation of popular culture in the city"
  • Museum of Sound Recording - undertaking the creation of the first operational museum to document the legacy and evolution of sound recording, with an emphasis on hands-on education. The Museum of Sound Recording is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. This museum is a showcase for professional recording facilities and the rich history of surrounding it. Our mission is to preserve the tools of the industry for each era as it evolved. This valuable history will be displayed in a facility that is open to the public to demonstrate these technologies in an operational and educational setting"
  • MusikMakers - an excellent encyclopedia of popular music offered by Mike Hurst
  • National Centre for Popular Music (Sheffield, England) - an interactive web-site on a topic which seems to be mature enough to have its own museum
  • NOMA Music - "specializes in getting the music of bands, songwriters, and musicians heard by the record industry. We submit music packages directly to the key A&R directors who sign acts to the Major and Indie record labels. NOMA also gets songs and music considered for placement in TV and film projects, and has the ways and means to get songs cut by established recording artists"
  • Nordic Downloadable Music Site (DMS) - "Nordic is the first retail music distributor of its kind. You will not find CDs, cassettes, or vinyl in this search engine. All the DMS sells is downloadable digital copies of songs which you can download once and own forever"
  • Nuke Pop - "When the first nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, popular culture was quick to respond"
  • Oldies-Music: Bands from the 50s, 60s and 70s - lots of links
  • Popular Music - "a vibrant multidisciplinary journal covering all aspects of the subject from Adorno to Flamenco, from Turkish arabesques to Annie Lennox, from Stax to Italian hip hop. Presenting serious debate and analysis, it keeps readers up to date with the latest research and opinion. Each issue contains substantial, authoritative and influential articles, shorter topical pieces, a wide range of book reviews and the latest developments in popular music theories and methods"
  • Posterville - "Consider this your home away from home when it comes to "ROCK ART" or "ART ROCK". POSTERVILLE covers far more than just the finished poster product. Here we explore the many facets of this fabulous, fascinating and fantastic subject. Looking into: Artists, Music, Guitars, Events past, present and future. And of course, all kind of.....POSTERS! The kind of things that help to bond all the citizens of Posterville together. Our love for the "ART OF THE TIMES"
  • Potent - "access the music of independent artists from all over Australia. POTENT's interactive capabilities allow you to search the database of artists and access streaming audio and video files, ready for playback"
  • RhythmWeb - an excellent meta-site on everything "rhythm", great resource
  • Progressive Rock Web-Site
  • Psychedelic 60s - "Were the sixties the best of times or the worst of times? Did America evolve as a nation and we as individuals? Are we better for the experience? We who were there have our own answers, but it is the historians who will write the collective answers for posterity. In any case, for better or worse, this dynamic, controversial, exciting time was our youth, our creation, and our legacy, and this exhibition is an attempt to revisit it, share it, and interpret it", provided by Special Collections, Alderman Library, University of Virginia
  • Punk Page
  • Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) - "members are the record companies that comprise the most vibrant national music industry in the world. RIAAź members create, manufacture and/or distribute approximately 90% of all legitimate sound recordings produced and sold in the United States"
  • Recording Web-Site - this site offers you everything you should know when you want to record your music, be it at home or elsewhere. Excellent resources, though you may not be able to duplicate Pink Floyd's last recording technique ;-))
  • Roadie.Net - without them, no shows could be staged, and here's the ultimate resource on roadies, provided by an ex-roadie who has written a book on his experiences. It's published chapter by chapter on the Net.
  • Rockabilly Hall of Fame - "Rockabilly legends, rockabilly new artists, rockabilly news, rockabilly tour dates, rockabilly show reviews, rockabilly message board, rockabilly guest book, rockabilly insider information, rockabilly merchandise ... if it's related to rockabilly music, you'll find it here"
  • - "Rock Critics, Writers, Writing", this web-site offers marvellous interviews and reviews you won't find anywhere else
  • Rockin' Warriors - a web-site on a documentary about contemporary Native American music
  • Rock the House - this is it, a comic strip about a rock band sharing a house together, produced by Greg Fox, well, the comic strip so far ...
  • Rock-Web - lots of links to new bands and singer-songwriters, great page
  • Rock's Rough Guides - comprehensive set of links to bands, singers & song-writers, however they do not provide links to original pages, pretty selfish, isn't it?
  • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Museum
  • Royalty link - links to agencies collecting royalties for musician provided by David Knopfler
  • Society for Ethnomusicology
  • Strawberry Bricks - a timeline and reviews of progressive rock from 1967-1978 with particular focus on Great Britain
  • Summer of Love: 1967-1997 - "The Summer of Love 30th Anniversary Celebration is more than a '60s reunion, it is a celebration of the spirit of a time. As Abbie Hoffman said, "The lesson of the sixties is that people who cared enough to do right could change history. The celebration is a festival to celebrate the accomplishments of the 60s and to inspire a new commitment to the humane, compassionate, and democratic ideals that guided our lives at that time. In that spirit, the event will include music, speakers, vendors, and a special children's event. The entertainment will include old friends and new bands. Some participated in the Summer of Love in 1967, others carry on that tradition. All are dedicated to making this place a better world"
  • This Day in Rock & Roll History
  • Ultimate Band List
  • Ultimate Rock Cyclopedia
  • Wild Bohemian Home Page - this is an excellent resource on the late 1960s rock scene in California with lots of interesting material
  • W.O.M.A.D. - World of Music, Arts and Dance - originally inspired by Peter Gabriel: "Pure enthusiasm for music from around the world led us to the idea of WOMAD in 1980 and thus to the first WOMAD festival in 1982. The festivals have always been wonderful and unique occasions and have succeeded in introducing an international audience to many talented artists. Equally important, the festivals have also allowed many different audiences to gain an insight into cultures other than their own through the enjoyment of music. Music is a universal language, it draws people together and proves, as well as anything, the stupidity of racism"
  • World Music Portal - as the title of the web-site indicates, this is the Portal you're looking for when interested in world music. A comprehensive web-site with up-to-date information on all aspects of world music - the best web-site I've found
  • WWW Virtual Library: Music

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