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Last updated:  30 December 1999

  • FM 104 Triple M - Brisbane   
  • Alan Freed - the website of the man who coined the term "Rock 'n' Roll", or so they say ...
  • FRITZ - German radio station    Fritz
  • John Peel (BBC) - access to John Peel's web-site offering detailed information on his previous, current, and future radio programs as well as other stuff on his work including the Festive 50s
  • KCRW 89.9 FM - this is the radio station in California which publishes once a year the excellent "Rare on Air" CDs
  • SWR3 - German radio station also broadcasting on the Internet    SWR3
  • Official Wolfman Jack Site - "The Wolfman was well known because of his radio shows and emceeing the TV music show, Midnight Special, but his recognition level went out the roof when he appeared as himself in American Graffiti. He was the quintessential deejay"

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