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Last updated:  20 October 1999

  • International Lyrics Server - huge and excellent selection of lyrics, probably the best currently available on the Net, they claim to have more than 109,000 songs in their collection growing by the rate of several hundreds per day - well, it takes a Swiss to be so obsessive with lyrics ;-)) thanks a lot guys, great service!!
  • Kiss this guy - The archive of misheard lyrics - that's a funny site, and you will enjoy it thoroughly because we all have this hidden story about misheard lyrics, don't we?
  • Songs Liedertexte Lyrics - lots of lyrics of many musicians, a special focus is on folkmusic and, of course, German lyrics, as the provider is located in beautiful Konstanz (Germany), but here's even more: a wonderful collection of links to databases, and lots of stuff directly related to the music business

  • The following links are currently (June 1999) broken, probably due to Copyright infringements and other legal arguments - EW

  • Music Lyrics Search - claims to have more than 45,000 songs in their database
  • The LEO MUSIC-Archive - lyrics, tabs, charts and much more related to the music business

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