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Last updated:  20 May 2001

  • American Newspeak - this is a MUST!
  • Authorlink - for publishers, agents and authors
  • Bad Writing Contest - for those of us still writing, Professor Denis Dutton (Aotearoa) has an important warning
  • Cool word of the day
  • The Copyright Website - that's legal territory and some of the stuff is hard to understand, but Copyright is here to stay. The only thing I'm wondering about is how often I may have violated this law on my web-site ... apologies and let me know that I can rectify the situation
  • Culture-Jammers Encyclopedia - funny and then not funny at all - check it out
  • DeathNET: The art and science of dying - everything you need to know BEFORE you're dead!
  • Flags of the World (FOTW)
  • Great Globe Gallery - all the globes in the world are compiled here and it's up to you to use them
  • Head-Hunting Gallery - yep, we've got that, too. The Internet is a marvellous resource. Please be advised that entering this domain may cause havock to your mental health.
  • International Black Sheep Society - "Join the Black Sheep! A mailing list for the International Black Sheep Society of Genealogists (IBSSG) which includes all those who have a dastardly, infamous individual of public knowledge and ill-repute in their family...within 1 degree of consanginuity of their direct lines. This individual must have been pilloried in disgrace for acts of a significantly anti-social nature. The purpose of the list is to discuss these individuals in order to learn more about them and share information about your "Black Sheep" with other members of the IBSSG!"
  • Maps - the best web-site on maps offering everything you want to know - maintained by Roelof P. Oddens (University of Utrecht, Cartography Department)
  • Microsoft TerraServer - "Did you ever wonder what your neighborhood looked like from space, or wished you could get an aerial shot of your favorite vacation spot? Welcome to Microsoft® TerraServer, one of the Web's most engaging sites - providing a bold demonstration of Microsoft's scalability while taking on the ambitious challenge of presenting the earth in a mosaic of photographic imagery"
  • The Onion - ultimately funny newspaper, take a break and enjoy.
  • Poetry - full-text poetry available on-line
  • The Answering Machine - you're still hooked on answering machines and want to improve your public relations profile? Well, here it is what you're looking for - get real.
  • The Tacky Postcard Archive - "preserving the bad taste of our era for future generations" - you've gotta visit this hilarious site
  • Transparency International - Transparency International is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation, to counter corruption both in international business transactions and, through our National Chapters, at national levels.
  • Ultimater Ostwort-Katalog - a dictionary on the different words East and West Germans used and, as far as East Germans are concerned continue to use; funny and sad at the same time.
  • Universal Currency Converter
  • Weird stories from the New Scientist - that's a resource you wouldn't want to miss
  • Willa's Journal - a true journal, a day-to-day essay on what was going on, Willa has wisdom and uses it.
  • Winnie The Pooh
  • World Time Zones - does anybody really want to know what time it is?
  • Your Birthday - enter your birthdate and get transferred back to this point in time: what were the headlines, song etc. of the day? "The information here is to serve as a fun, reminiscent stroll through past days. Use it to put together a heritage page for your scrapbook -- NOT for your school history report!"
  • Z-Net - critical stuff on current affairs, but most important home of the Chomsky Archives

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