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Food & drinks

Last updated:  17 February 2001

  • Beer
  • Caviar - not what you would expect
  • Cheese
  • Home made chocolate - this gives you instructions how to produce chocolate at home; hey, check this!
  • Epicurious - food and travel - rich resource on some of the loveliest ways to spend your time, yes I'm aware of the third one
  • Martinis - the Martinis-Lover web-site par excellence, everything about this famous drink, gee ... gettin' thirsty
  • Sushi
  • - "the ultimate buyer's guide to wine, beer, and spirits. Produced by the respected Beverage Testing Institute, contains tens of thousands of current reviews--as well as Yellow Pages guides to wineries, breweries, and distilleries. We save you time and money; now that's something we can all drink to!"
  • A world of tea - ever had the problem how to do it correctly? Well, here's everything on this nice drug. (Pardon me?)
    • The Big T - another gorgeous web-site on tea excellently designed and offering heaps of information

  • Tequila-Shots - everything about this formidable liquor ... great stuff
  • Toast - Our Lady of Toast, Mother of Toasters
  • Tokyo Food Page - check your bank account and then enter, this is marvellous stuff which I can't afford but which feeds my dreams: everything about Tokyo's palaces of food
  • Whisky
  • Wine

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