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Sundsvall Statement
Supportive Environments for Health

3rd International Conference on Health Promotion (Sundsvall, Sweden, June 1991)

The Third International Conference on Health Promotion: Supportive Environments for Health - the Sundsvall Conference - fits into a sequence of events which began with the commitment of WHO to the goals of Health For All (1977). This was followed by the UNICEF/WHO International Conference on Primary Health Care, in Alma-Ata (1978), and the First International Conference on Health Promotion in Industrialized Countries (Ottawa 1986). Subsequent meetings on Healthy Public Policy, (Adelaide 1988) and a Call for Action: Health Promotion in Developing countries, (Geneva 1989) have further clarified the relevance and meaning of health promotion. In parallel with these developments in the health arena, public concern over threats to the global environment has grown dramatically. This was clearly expressed by the World Commission on Environment and Development in its report Our Common Future, which provided a new understanding of the imperative of sustainable development.

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