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The International Union for Health Promotion and Education is a global organisation, of people and organisations working in the fields of health promotion and health education, which is dedicated to improving world health through education, community action and the development of healthy public policies. By bringing together people from many sectors to address policy, program and practice issues, the IUHPE provides an ideal interdisciplinary forum for members from around the world to share knowledge, experience and views.

A non governmental organisation, the IUHPE is in official relationship and cooperates closely with WHO, UNESCO and UNICEF. It collaborates with governmental and non governmental organisations in developing and improving the theoretical and practical aspects of health promotion and education. The IUHPE has members in over 80 nations and operates mainly through decentralised Regional Offices.


  • To influence and support the development of the fields of health promotion and health education.
  • To promote the professional development of its membership.
  • To promote broader worldwide participation in the Union.


  • Advocacy: to promote the development of informed public opinion on health matters;

  • Liaison: to maintain contacts relations with national and international bodies concerned with the promotion of health;

  • Networking: to stimulate and support effective links with international, national and regional organizations and people in the fields of health promotion and health education;

  • Consultancy: to provide advice and support to WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF and other international agencies on the health promotion and health education implications of their policies and programmes;

  • Information: to facilitate world-wide exchanges of information and experiences on all matter related to health promotion and health education;

  • Training: to promote the improvement of the knowledge, skills and competencies required to deal effectively with health promotion and health education policy and practice;

  • Research: to promote scientific research, including field studies, related to health promotion and health education;

  • Conference: to provide opportunities for study and discussion through international conferences, regional seminars and meetings.

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