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Promotion & Education
International Journal for Health Promotion and Education

Last updated: 7 March 2000

During 1999, issues focused on:

  • General Topics, including articles on 'partnerships in health promotion' and the Verona Initiative (March 1999)
  • Advocacy and Reproductive Health (June 1999)
  • Health Promotion in the Worksite (September 1999)
  • Health Promotion and Ageing (December 1999).

The following issues are in development for this year:

  • March 2000: Training
    Guest editor: Michel O'Neill, Canada

  • June 2000: Verona Initiative for Health Promotion
    Editor: Anne Bunde Birouste, IUHPE Scientific and Technical Editor

  • September 2000: General Topics
    Editor: Anne Bunde-Birouste, IUHPE Scientific and Technical Editor

  • December 2000: Latin America
    Guest editor: Marcia Westphal and Hiram Arroyo

Looking further ahead to 2001 and beyond, we plan issues on:

  • Communication in Health Promotion

  • Frameworks for Evaluation

  • Conference Highlights following the XVII World Conference on Health Promotion and Health Education in Paris, 15-20 July 2001.

If you have ideas for future themes in Promotion & Education, please let us know. We welcome readers' suggestions.

Submission of manuscripts

Authors may wish to submit manuscripts to the Editor of Promotion & Education, Anne W. Bunde-Birouste, who resides at:

International Union for Health Promotion and Education
2, rue Auguste Comte
F-92170 Vanves

Subscription rates

Members of the IUHPE receive the journal free of charge.

Subscription rate for Europe, North America, Northern Part of Western Pacific and South West Pacific is: US$ 55.00 or FF 300.00

For the rest of the world, the rate is: US$ 40.00 or FF 220.00

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