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Advocacy via the Internet?

Internet-Workshop at the IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion and Education
19 July 2001, Paris, 9:00-10:30 am GMT

Last updated: 3 July 2001

Advocacy for public health in the age of globalization needs to go global in order to cover all areas potentially relevant to its causes.

Public health, that's for sure, is not confined to national borders: environmental pollution and germs travel across borders without passport controls. The globalized economic, political, and cultural world has only caught up with the globalized public health world which has existed that way as long as this planet has offered shelter for living species.

This workshop on Internet advocacy will explore the uses of the Internet as an organizing tool, particularly around issues of globalization and public health and issues of opposition to "business as usual" regarding meetings of international organizations. It will also discuss how the Internet can be and is being used for local and regional organizing, lobbying, knowledge exchange and testimony (witness).

There are problems in assessing the validity of knowledge/information exchanged in advocacy initiatives launched through the Internet.

The use of Internet technology continues to grow exponentially. However, it is not equitably distributed across the planet or by social class, yet it has become an important organizing tool for persons concerned about the very inequity in its global access. As a vehicle for rapid mobilization across distance, the Internet is becoming an important tool in health promoting policy advocacy.

The workshop will, naturally, be delivered via the Internet. The 90 min. session will be organized, facilitated and theorized by Eberhard Wenzel from his home in Queensland, Australia. Live connections are open to Internet organizers in other parts of the world to engage in a discussion of the possibilities and problematics of digital organizing.

Send your comments, thoughts, ideas to I will upload them to the web so that others can benefit from your contribution.

The following provides access to papers submitted so far:

  • Health policy advocacy via the Internet: Can e-democracy be made to work? by Ken Harvey & Karin Geiselhart (Melbourne, Australia) - Addendum 3 July 2001: Ken Harvey's web-site described in this article has been shut down by his university. - Advocay for health on the Internet? One may enter dangerous grounds these days, and the censor seems to lurk around the next corner.

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