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Last updated:  10 June 2001

This web-site provides access to hundreds of links of singer-songwriters and bands I like and I find important for the history of popular music of the past 30 plus years. Uh, here speaks the social commentator? Well, as my friend DK says: there's only you and me left sane and I'm not completely sure about you ;).

I find it interesting that many artists have installed their own web-sites in the *.com-domain. That's good news as they provide first-hand information. But it's also bad news as many fan-sites have disappeared in the past 12 months. Some of the *.com-sites are more or less commercial ones without providing insight into the artists. There are only few out there who are as honest and generous as David Knopfler whose site is an outstanding example how artists may use the WWW to communicate with their audience.

I keep these pages as free as possible from GIF- and JPG-files. Thus, loading should be no problem. You'll get overloaded with these files, once you connect to one of the links. It has become a sort of fashion to set up web-sites with lots of graphics. Well, sometimes they look nice ... however ...

A much more comprehensive list of singer-songwriters and bands is provided by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum on their web-site at: In addition, a meta-site offering access to excellent fan-sites is available at:

You can be of great help, if you e-mail me any broken link you find. My e-mail address is found at the bottom of each page when you click on the link Eberhard Wenzel. Thanks for your kind support.

Eberhard Wenzel, 14 June 1998

Enjoy the surf!

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