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Be careful about reading health books,
you might die of a misprint (Mark Twain)

"There is a crisis of identity in public health. To ensure conditions in which people can be healthy we must work to change the underlying societal conditions. Public health has rarely been able to go beyond pointing at these larger issues, such as poverty, economic globalisation, and lack of political will." (Jonathan Mann 1997)

These are some of the books I recommend when studying public health. Some of the titles don't seem to have much to do with the subject, but you'll find out that this assessment ain't valid. Public Health is about the health of the public, not the individual. And it is certainly not about the medicine of the individual, as far as I understand the subject. I know that's a pretty different concept from many of my colleagues', but aren't we learning all the time a bit more about the complexity of the world?

A section on Indigenous health is available here.

I will add more books in the near future, when I find the time to check the vast catalogue of But for the time being, this selection provides you with enough reading materials for the next two days :-))

Enjoy the surf.

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