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Millenium Craze

So here we go get crazy about the Millenium. What's that: the Millenium? Can't even remember last month. Woohoooooo, gotta get da blues ...

Well, you've gotta learn it the hard way, because here you'll find out which item of rock-music has survived the past Millenium and will prosper in the next Millenium just like any jacaranda tree in Australia has for many millenia.

OK ... I'm the Master of the Millenium Rock. And I tell you these are the songs and CDs which count, and don't you dare to oppose ... because then the Millenium MadMan will come to your e-mail account and creates a real big Millenial mess ;-))

Where are we with records? Here are my ultimate top ten, and if you don't like them, so be it ;-)

10. Pink Floyd: Dark side of the moon
9. Country Joe McDonald: Into the fray
8. Lowell George: Thanx I'll eat it here
7. Bob Dylan: everything
6. Randy Newman: Sail away
5. John Lennon: Walls and bridges
4. David Crosby: If I could only remember my name
3. David Munyon: Acrylic teepees
2. David Knopfler: Small mercies
1. Beach Boys: Pet Sounds

And on we go with the ultimate song list, the kind of stuff that really moves us when we don't have anybody else to get us moving.

My collection of 10 songs is of course - you got it - my collection. And it's ridiculous to select 10 songs out of the wealth of music which is out there. Every selection is disrespectful regarding those who are not included. Selections are in fact excluding by definition. Anyway, here we go and get mad at me:

10. Bruce Springsteen: Born to run
9. J.J. Cale: After midnight
8. Eagles: Hotel California
7. Rolling Stones: Satisfaction
6. Neil Young: Heart of gold
5. Who: My generation
4. Randy Newman: Old man
3. David Knopfler: Slow-Mo' King
2. Beach Boys: Good vibrations
1. Bob Dylan: Like a rolling stone

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