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5th European Conference of Health Promotion and Education, May 2000

Dear colleagues and friends:

IUHPE [International Union for Health Promotion and Education] is pleased to invite you to the Fifth European Conference of Health Promotion and Education to be held in Santander, Spain, from May 10th to 13th, 2000.

This conference has been organized by the IUHPE regional office and has been co-sponsored by the WHA, UNESCO and UNICEF in Europe.

This event is considered to have a historical meaning since more than 10 years have passed by from the 1st IUHPE European Conference (Madrid, 1987). Besides outlining the importance of all these years of work in Health Promotion and Education, we should emphasize that the year 2000 is the UNESCO Official Year of Education for Peace.

The conference motto: "Hacia una Europa Saludable en el ano 2010" [Towards a Healthy Europe by the year 2010], explicates our resolution of an analysis and reflecting upon the reality of a European Cultural Diversity, so as to propose solutions concerning the next millenium.

The conference shall focus on important topics and shall promote a diverse program to encourage and appeal the different interests of our various participants.

  • The exposition at our plenary sessions of "The last ten, where are we now?" and the proposals for "Challenges for the future" shall be the topics of the main sessions.

  • These main sessions will undertake, in greater depth, the topics outlined by the plenary sessions. The reflection, analysis and proposals will need the active participation of all representatives. NET-HE forum will present the challenges to be taken over for the future of Europe, through the Director General [Headquarters] and the European Union.

  • Parallel sessions will ease the choice of participants through their oral and visual presentations. These will be related to topics related to their research, fieldwork and thoughts. The presentations will provide the delegates with the opportunity to meet and discuss about their work. Special meetings such as interactive workshops and training sessions will be offered and organized by the ADEPS [Association for Health Education] and other collaborators.

  • The gret Parade/Marathon "To Peace through health" will make outline to all delegates and citizens the beauty of a base for common understanding beneath a cultural diversity.

Set up your schedule for this event. Spend these days with us in the shore of the beautiful Cantanbrico sea, in Santander.

Prof. Danielle Piette
Vice-president of the European section of IUHPE

If you are interested in updated information about the Conference, please contact the Conference Secretariat at:

Asociación de Educación Para la Salud
Hospital Clínico San Carlos
Servicio de Medicina Preventiva 4ª Norte
28040 Madrid (Spain)
Fax +34-91-543 7504

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