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The following articles have been written while I was a Contributing Editor Rock Music for Suite101. For personal reasons, I had to quit this activity. I am not sure whether I will add further little pieces in the time to come. Just wait and see.

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1 October 2000
Central Processing Unit's Music
A few months ago, I got a powerful little thing which allows me to store music on its hard-disk. Well, the hard-disk of this laptop has a capacity of 6 GigaBytes, just enough for hundreds of songs if necessary.

1 September 2000
Rock meets Bach
Music represents the flow of time. No beginning, no end. It just flows through the domains of time we create in history and personal life. Music is ... is ... is ...

1 August 2000
Generation Coup of Melodies
Here's the brief story of one of the Masters of Rock & Roll who has overcome all of these threats and is still alive and well, and he's kicking it off like hell: I am talking about Brian Wilson.

1 July 2000
Cat on my shoulder
Books, paintings, and of course music are to be comprehended in the social, cultural and political context, in which they are generated. The times are changing, and so is music. Is it?

1 June 2000
There's a museum ... and it rocks
Paul Allen's Experience Music Project (Seattle, USA) will provide a feast for the gourmet of rock music, when it opens in summer 2000.

1 May 2000
Small is beautiful
Small record companies like Woodstock Records are important additions to the mainstream companies. You better support them before it's too late.

1 April 2000
Rock your body, babe, and let it roll
Rock music is body music in essence, and body music means music which gives pleasure to the body.

1 March 2000
I was in the house when the house burnt down
Warren Zevon has issued a new CD and it's called very appropriately "Life'll kill ya". Great title in times when everybody else wants you to prevent your own death by getting involved in prevention programs of all kinds.

1 February 2000
Dan Bern and Kelly Joe Phelps on solidarity road
If you don't know Kevin Coyne, the English social worker turned folk/rock singer expressing strong opinions about England in the 1970s and 1980s ... well if you don't know this guy, then it's certainly time to shell out some bucks and buy Dan Bern "Smartie Mine" (1999) and Kelly Joe Phelps.

1 January 2000
It didn't hurt - it's only full of pain
Cindy Bullens has come up with a remarkable piece of music documenting an even more remarkable piece of responsibility and self-determination in the best sense.

8 December 1999
The good die young ...
Last month, Doug Sahm and Hoyt Axton died. Both men mean a lot to me for different reasons.

20 October 1999
Commerce over communication - the fight against rock lyrics
Rock music is public domain even though the artists and record companies earn a lot of money from it. Give us back the lyrics ...

6 October 1999
Millennium of rock
Rock is - so let's keep straight forward and forget the rest of the millennium madness.

12 September 1999
"Extremely good and cool" - Archie Cheechoo
There are two reasons for the impact, Archie generates: his voice is clear and straight forward, and the music is plain music, no gimmicks.

2 September 1999
I got the style but not the grace - Tom Waits is back
Tom Waits is back with "Mule Variations" and he demonstrates that good music ain't dead at all.

31 July 1999
Archie Roach - The Indigenous Australian Singer-Songwriter
Archie Roach is a man of the people who gives back to people the best he has to offer.

16 June 1999
Driving through the bush
Driving the roads is a long lasting metaphor of blues, folk and rock. And I would add: it's a real one because nothing more appeals than moving

1 June 1999
Got to get everything
Good rock 'n' roll does not need pictures, but rhythm. It needs confidence and a good portion of credibility.

16 May 1999
Role playing in the Rolling Stones
I thought they were enjoying themselves playing music, now I learnt it's their alter egos enjoying themselves, perhaps.

3 May 1999
Rock music has been made popular by musicians. Right? Well, perhaps. But an important ingredient of the music business are disc-jockeys.

4 April 1999
John Trudell
To have Bob Dylan and Jackson Browne as back-up fellows of your music is support which can't get better in rock music, can it?

22 March 1999
Things we've forgot - or what?
Rock music was supposed to be the music of people like you and me. It was supposed to be the music of rebellion, reflection, and relaxation, but nowhere was there the sign to be read: "The Department of Health recommends: Rock-Music is dangerous to your bank account".

8 March 1999
Daughters & Sons of Rock
The kids of rock stars are about to take over from their fathers.

21 February 1999
Indigenous Rocks
Rock is rhythm - and rhythm is indigenous. Is that right?

7 February 1999
Homeward bound
The last few months provided us with CD-boxes from some of the big shots of the music business, for example John Lennon and Bruce Springsteen. The collection of previously unreleased versions of songs or of songs even never heard before was welcome with excitement and suspicion alike.

6 January 1999
Business as usual?
A few thoughts on the business side of rock-music.

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