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Generation Coup of Melodies
August 2000

Rock and roll music has a lot to do with betrayal, failure, and simply misfortune. That's part of the business, I guess, because rock music is here to be consumed, and not necessarily reflected upon. That's one of the reasons why this page seems to be a little bit obsolete. However, there's also lots of stuff to be looked at when listening to rock music.

The misfortune of rock music affects those who made it for just one big hit and then these musicians disappeared into the Nirvana of Disrespect and Negligence. The failure of rock music is most often one intimately related to the quality of the management of musicians. Some managers just can't get enough and don't care. There's a long list of musicians filling into this category.

The betrayal reflects the changes in preferences of musicians when they smell the sweet scent of dollars. That's when they lose the edge and slowly but surely join mainstream in materialistic terms.

All of this has happened - but here's the example of one of the Masters of Rock & Roll who has overcome all of these threats and is still alive and well, and he's kicking it off like hell: I am talking about Brian Wilson, the Brian Wilson who gave us "Pet Sounds" and lots of other beautiful songs with the band Beach Boys.

He's back in town with a double CD called "Live at the Roxy Theatre", one of the best live recordings I have ever listened to. Unbelievable. This is magic, and it happened in April 2000 in LA.

I don't know where to begin or to end, these 2 CDs are masterpieces of live recording and the way Brian Wilson arranged for the concert is an expression of his deep commitment to rock music and the way he was able to design it with melodies of exquisite quality.

I have listened to this CD several times now, and my recommendation is to do just that. I don't have any particular favorite because I love the music from A-Z. It's a pleasure to be enjoyed.

There's one sad aspect, I have to admit. This record is only avaialble via the label which Wilson seems to have set up. It's called Brimel Records and you can access the web-site to buy this CD.

I really don't understand why no major label was willing and able to provide their services to such an outstanding Master of Rock Music. Hey-ho, Brian Wilson did it again.

Almost at the same time when Brian Wilson's CD arrived at these southern shores, I received the CD from Elliott Smith "XO" (2000). I bought the CD without knowing who the guy was but I had read a review which sounded interesting. - See I pay for my records :-(

Well, Elliott Smith seems to be a musical relative of Brian Wilson. "XO" is full of extraordinary melodies mixed with astounding arrangements which leave you breathless for some time. Smith seems to understand the whole lot of rock music and beyond. He generates a fabric of sounds and emotions I haven't listened to for a long time.

Elliot Smith has the capacity to become a real great one. And wouldn't it be wonderful to have him meet Brian Wilson and they simply implement the Generation Coup of Melodies?

I'd love to be around for this meeting - and wouldn't it be nice to have the High Llamas around at the same time, this fabulous group of Irish/English musicians which continue to produce high class music in the sense that Brian Wilson laid out?

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